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Note 7 of the domestic explosion will accelerate in the city accounted for Samsung Chinese decline – Sohu technology [Technews] according to the U.S. "science news Forbes Forbes" magazine, the investigation report on what happened in the former Samsung in Chinese market Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion proposed said that the incident was caused by external heating, rather than the battery caused by nature. And this negative news coverage, may have affected the willingness of some people to buy, which will allow Samsung’s mobile phone market share in the Chinese market continues to shrink. The report pointed out that Samsung in the global Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion, immediately announced a full recall replacement, because Chinese claimed that market Galaxy Note 7 used batteries are not the same, so the recall campaign has not been implemented in China market. Plus, for what happened in Chinese market Galaxy Note 7 bombings, Samsung only on September 20th issued a brief statement, said that in the company after the survey results, the mobile phone of the combustion system by external heat caused by excessive, rather than the battery caused by natural, which makes the domestic consumers of Samsung products began to shake the confidence. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a high resolution camera, collocation curved screen, iris recognition technology, and faster charging as a selling point, Samsung has been hoping to boost the share rate in the secret weapon China mobile phone market. Because Samsung’s mobile phone market share in the Chinese market over the past two years continued to decline. According to market research firm Counterpoint data show that in 2015 the China Samsung smart mobile phone shipments decline 39%, the market share of 12.8% from 2014 down to 7.7%. Therefore, "Forbes Forbes" magazine said that the incident is likely to become Samsung’s development in China another blow. Currently, the Chinese market on the Galaxy Note 7 negative reports, has made some consumers will abandon the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and the choice of apple or HUAWEI and other domestic smart phones. In this regard, Guangdong AI Media Consulting Group has carried out a survey, the survey results show that Apple will select about 37% of the China Samsung mobile phone consumers to buy smart mobile phone in the next time, 26% of consumers will choose HUAWEI. (the first figure source: Samsung) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: