Not married bride price rebate The woman refused to comply with the judgment jingfangxingju chompoo araya

Not married bride price rebate? The woman refused to comply with the judgment jingfangxingju original title: marry no bride price rebate? A woman in Handan refused to comply with the judgment jingfangxingju the Great Wall network October 10th news (reporter Ning Xiaoxue Li Quan Han Yi) reporter from the Handan Municipal Public Security Bureau Fengfeng Mining District Public Security Bureau was informed that, recently, a female criminal detention by the police for not fulfill the court decision. The woman did not get married with her boyfriend, but refused to refund the bride price money, the court still refused to return. It is understood that in 2014, a female deer was introduced to her boyfriend Pan Gang (a pseudonym), after a period of time after the two sides decided to get married, just pay a pan fiancee deer bride price 60 thousand yuan. But as the wedding day near, both because of the marriage room decoration style naoqingxu, by marriage arrangement program to contradiction, mother-in-law conflicts broke out in advance. Many contradictions destroyed by the Pan Gang of two people longing for the future, the final two people choose to leave. Pan Gang believes that marriage does not happen, the dowry money shall be returned to him. However, a deer is refusing to return, the reason is Pan Gang up, no married woman for himself very no face, refused to refund the bride price money. After several fruitless negotiations, unwilling to rencailiangkong Pan Gang deer a prosecution to Fengfeng Mining District People’s court. After the people’s court according to law, a deer should return the pan just 60 thousand yuan bride price money. But ignore the judgment on the court a deer, neither appeal nor refund the bride price money, but migrant workers play missing. A deer find themselves in the field, the executive organ of people can not find themselves no enforceable property, the judicial authorities could not reach her. A year after the decision came into force, the court verdict and the decision on the punishment of the deer is still not fulfilled. January 2016, Fengfeng Mining District People’s court will be arrested on suspicion of refusing to perform a judgment, ruling the case transferred to peak police. May 2016, the deer was a criminal detention by the police, the case is under further investigation. Source: the Great Wall network editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: