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Northeast University Graduates: why I do not want to stay in the northeast of Dalian (map) this year just graduated from the Jilin University Institute of media Zhang Ting to find a good job, do overseas business in a leading domestic tourism Internet Co extension, place of work is the company’s headquarters in Shanghai. Zhang Ting is Changchun City, the only daughter of the family. She hasn’t left home for a long time since she was born. However, taking into account the day after the development work to support her parents first-tier cities. "Most of my classmates went to the first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai." Zhang Ting is looking for a job, no matter Changchun or other city in Northeast China, their professional counterparts few jobs, wages and limited space for development of the recruitment can be given, it is difficult to compare with the developed area. In addition to advertising and news and other media professionals, economic, financial and management of Social Sciences and other professional graduates in the job generally feel that the corresponding employment in the northeast region, and thus the lack of attractiveness. For this reason, they are more inclined to apply for jobs in the economically developed coastal areas. Not only social science graduates have brain drain, some of the Northeast Polytechnic Colleges and universities have the same situation. In the 2016 session of the graduates in Jilin province a provincial science and Engineering Colleges in Jilin, students have 1782 people, of which only 713 people choose to stay in the province of employment, nearly 60% local students to the field of employment. Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter access to the college graduates employment quality report of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces, the relevant data show that college graduates in Northeast China showed outflow trend, and in recent years gradually increased. In order to pay and better prospects for development Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter interviewed more than 20 in the Northeast school, graduates choose to go to other provinces of the employment of College students. For them, leaving the northeast, in order to better wages and prospects for development. In Shanghai, Zhang Ting gets $8000 a month. She has a classmate in Beijing Internet Co, a monthly salary of 13 thousand yuan. In her view, the first tier cities not only high income, personal growth and industry prospects are better. Previously, Zhang Ting also considered working in Changchun. Before graduation, she was hired by several local media companies. However, the post is management and training, monthly salary of about 3000 yuan, she is not satisfied. Northeast media companies generally small scale, three years after the work of income growth and promotion of space is limited." Zhang Ting said that in Shanghai is not the same, a lot of opportunities. Graduated from Northeast Agricultural University last year, the 2015 marketing professional Liu Yu, but also in order to find a better choice for the development of space and employment. Hometown in Daqing, Liu Yu said: in fact, do not want to go too far away from home, but the province is not a good professional counterparts." He currently works as a brand manager in a smartphone company in Shenzhen. He said that nearly 70% college students also chose the first tier cities. I am in Shenzhen monthly income of 8000 yuan in Harbin is also more than 3000 yuan." Although Harbin and Shenzhen have a big difference in income, Liu Yu said, "how much money you earn three years before graduation is not the most important". In company相关的主题文章: