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No longer when the lifeblood of Chongqing Liangping test part of farmers contracted land in return the new network – Liangping County Sichuan Village 9 groups held back from signing ceremony. China Youth Daily reporter Tian Wensheng photo? Youth online, newspaper photo Liangping County Hexing Zhenyuan Garden Village 1 groups from the contracted land on grapefruit trees. China Youth Daily reporter Tian Wensheng photo? Youth online, Liangping County Rural Work Leading Group Reform Testing District newspaper photo files. China Youth Daily reporter Tian Wensheng photo? Youth online, newspaper photo summary: September 24th, the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group established 1000 days. Up to now, the central deep restructuring held a total of 27 meetings to consider the reform of the 162 documents. In terms of economic reform, land and state-owned enterprises are two of the most popular areas. In Liangping County of Chongqing, explore one or will have a profound impact is low-key forward, small farmers pilot return contract, will no longer be regarded the land as the "lifeline" and stick to, but choose the feet from the field, leaving the land completely. In the implementation of the right to the contracted management of land exit pilot villages, the move by those with non farm occupation, non-agricultural income of farmers welcome, which provides new ideas for deepening the reform in rural areas. In recent years, a small village in Liangping County of Chongqing City, part of the village collective farmers try to return their contracted land, compensation, formal feet from the fields". The whole process is unusually low profile. "Retreat" means that, when things farmers no longer land as livelihood and safeguard "lifeline", but cutting and land, go to the new life; back to the collective land, which is a long-term basis in agricultural intensive operation. Xi Jinping stressed: the main line of China’s deepening rural reform, is still dealing with the relationship between farmers and land." Liangping County part of farmers "back to" practice, provides new ideas and options for dealing with this relationship. According to China Youth Daily reporter observed in the middle line? Liangping County, a short period of time at present and in the foreseeable period, "retreat" will be some farmers welcome, its effect is positive. On this issue, the masses showed amazing creativity, based on their different villages, explore different paths and patterns. Garden Village 1: consolidating unified land exit, Hexing town moat village 1 group is a pioneer in Liangping County try back to. The group from the original Garden Village 1, 2, the merger of the 3 clubs. Although the original Garden Village 1 county, although close to the county, but the natural conditions of cultivation is not superior. Undulating terrain, it is difficult to use agricultural machinery, can only rely on artificial farming. Only from the land in "no food", it is difficult to "dig gold doll", the agency now have more than and 40 year old bachelor. Nearly twenty or thirty years of work, sweeping the west Shan, the club’s young people almost all went home. At the same time, many farmers go out to do business, several families moved to the county, selling building materials, lighting or non-staple food. In addition, the agency has a number of carpenters by craft for a living, has been from the relationship with the planting industry. Like most western villages, only 38619 of the land is left相关的主题文章: