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"No deep space" studio Juankuan run away? Net exposure said has left no deep space area there is no doubt that "no deep space (No Man" s Sky ") has now become" no pit ", this game is called many game player game this year the biggest joke. And in recent days, the foreign forum Reddit users with curiosity to the game developers Hello Games office, the results of the scene so that everyone stunned! No deep space when the game player according to the official website of the address on the "deep space" to no developer Hello Games office, they found that the place was empty, in front of the weeds have long to the door, it seems that this place has been abandoned for nearly a month. No deep space was listed in August 9th, ah, it is so fast on the development team on the run? Foreign game forum users upload a Hello Games of the London Development Room photos claimed to have deserted Hello Games "unmanned deep space" before the sale of the grand universe sandbox ideas to attract a large number of game player’s eye, when the game is released in the platform sales straight to the sky. However, the low degree of completion, many characteristics of monotonous gameplay and game developers promise can not fulfil caused game player unanimous condemnation on Steam has launched a refund action to raise a Babel of criticism of. Evaluation of the game also fell into the valley. The game player also expects making the news when it can upload a forum is like a like a bolt from the blue so that the whole community raged. Whether it is true or false to be Hello Games official reply, but a lot of loss of trust in the players, I believe Hello Games road is bound to be full of thorns. (source: gamersky editor: Sen) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: