Ninglang Yunnan are close to a hundred Tiankeng villagers suspected due to excessive mining (Figure) candy candy

Ninglang Yunnan are close to a hundred "Tiankeng" villagers suspected due to excessive mining (Figure) – Beijing the day before, Lijiang city of Yunnan province in Ninglang County back Luo mountain and found hundreds of large and small "Tiankeng", local villagers said they suspected to be caused by over exploitation of coal mine closed, hope the production and life of the affected villagers. In October 12th, the reporter under the guidance of the local villagers, in Ninglang county and township border war happy tsubosato see along the exploitation of coal mine has been discontinued for many years, some still in mining. Back is the Rocky Mountain coal mining area of a hill, the surrounding mountains have multiple mining in coal mine. Back in Los Hill Road right, there are many "Tiankeng", these pits, showing irregular round shape subsidence. A slightly smaller diameter of about 3 meters to 5 meters, the settlement depth of about more than 1 meters, slightly larger diameter of about 8 meters to 16 meters, the depth of subsidence of about 1 meters to more than 2 meters. In the sinkhole near the mountain, there is a larger band and fracture had traces of debris flow and collapse etc.. Villagers told reporters that the "doline" and the fault zone, there are dozens in the Rocky Mountains on the back. The villagers, "Tiankeng" of the mountain, past the villagers are grain land, now most have been unable to cultivate. The causes of these "Tiankeng", the villagers suspected for a long time due to excessive exploitation of coal. Ninglang County Land Resources Bureau of geological environment department said the reporter received feedback information, will promptly sent staff to the scene investigation. Evening news reporter will continue to focus on. Cloud newspaper group media reporter Wang Fa photo coverage相关的主题文章: