Next to the more than and 300 needle swallow 2106 pills Vivian Hsu also want a second child

Next to the more than and 300 needle swallow 2106 pills Vivian Hsu also want to have a second child born small treasure V process although hard, but Vivian Hsu feel super worth Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on September 14th, Vivian Hsu [micro-blog]14 attended the book "my head planted life: from the 14 to the 40 girl woman, steel V brave notes" press conference also, let the small treasure "V Dalton" appeared together. Meng baby grab mom shot! Vivian Hsu too love children, love the big scene bursting, from time to time softly exhort, teasing V treasure, she had got pregnant because more than and 300 stitches, swallow 2106 pills, but the "iron V" was also talk: "I want to have a second child regeneration!" Let everyone over surprised! Vivian Hsu pregnant Dalton lying in bed for 162 days, until the end of the child she swallowed a total of about 2106 drugs, received a total of more than and 300 needles, the process of suffering more than. But the press conference said that because she is too love children, "I want a second child regeneration!" Everyone exclaimed her decision, she immediately said: "but the husband was shooting, too hard, and our family has 3 children!" But Vivian Hsu said with a smile, the child is really cute, do not feel that the birth of a child once again suffering. She talked about the bed hard part not written in the book, "I sometimes at night secretly weeping, my sister and said they have heard." The most let her frustration, even is the use of urine, "I pee on the bed, I have used 2 kinds of urine, the first two nurses with a family watching me, but I have to pee on, will not be allowed to sprinkle on the bed, feel very feel how I feel shy so no ability!" Revealed his gas to cry. But later she can be free to use, "then" can write and draw freely as one wishes "!" She smiled and said, "Oh, my dear."! Don’t say it again! There will be a picture, my dignity is gone!" Let the media laugh a lovable character. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: