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Policies to support new energy vehicles have turned to pay attention to prevent blind investment in Sohu car "technology of China’s auto industry of new energy has come to the forefront of the world, 2016 to 2020, new energy vehicles will be a nationwide promotion." The national clean automobile action coordination office of the leading group team leader Wang Binggang held in Shanghai International Expo Chinese industrial energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development forum, said that in recent years, countries in the development of new energy vehicles made arrangements and the corresponding adjustment from the policy level, such as the power battery industry norms, access to new energy vehicles to improve the existing conditions, subsidy policy adjustment, the general idea is to have the quality and quantity of international competitiveness. New energy vehicles also ushered in a round of development. China automobile industry association data show that in the first 9 months of this year, total sales of new energy vehicles, an increase of 289 thousand, an increase of 100%. In Shanghai, the number of new energy vehicles to promote the application of the first two consecutive years, and become the world’s largest new energy vehicle ownership of the city. Wang Binggang said that the development of any new industry, have to go through the brewing period, import period, rapid development period, the four stages of maturity. At present, China’s new energy vehicles is in the cultivation period, entered a rapid development period need to have several conditions: first, the price should be competitive with conventional cars, is also in the absence of policy subsidy cases, consumers can still choose new energy vehicles, this is obviously not to do. Second infrastructure should be initially improved, the problem is difficult to solve the charge, this is still not done. Third, to have a competitive industrial chain, from parts, vehicles to charging facilities. After these three basic conditions, China’s new energy vehicles to enter the rapid development period. If all aspects properly, to 2020 is likely to usher in the rapid development of China’s new energy vehicles, and now the country has made it clear that in 2020 as the target point to develop relevant policies. Changan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. chief engineer Liang Wei at the forum said that the national policy has changed from the construction stage to the growth stage, the requirements of the new energy vehicles can grow on your own, in the absence of regulations and policies of the subsidy, to meet the market demand, the policy guiding direction is very clear. Rely on endogenous power to achieve the growth of real quality is effective. Research Report of silver fund Schroder expressed the same view, the domestic new energy automobile production and sales to achieve rapid growth, in 2015 global sales of the top ten enterprises in China enterprises accounted for three, the core components of battery production also produced a number of large-scale enterprises. The report also pointed out that it should be noted that the rapid development of new energy vehicles is still based on the high fill on the basis of endogenous growth momentum is not obvious release, which also contains some problems. For example, sales of new energy vehicles in the rapid process, the core technology has not been synchronized to upgrade, some lower cost and worse quality of products more advantage in the competition, resulting in a cheat up; the two is the chemical stability of the battery is poor, easy combustion, explosion and attenuation. Wang Binggang suggested that we should pay attention to prevent blind investment相关的主题文章: