NATO air force base attack caused 4 dead and 14 injured in Taliban, said the manufacture of attacks -kimi wo omou melodi

The NATO air force base attack caused 4 Dead 14 injured in Taliban said the attacks – Sohu military channel according to Xinhua news agency, north of the the Atlantic pact in eastern Afghanistan Parr 000 province at Bagram air base, 12 bomb attacks, at least 4 people were killed and 14 people were injured. Taliban, Afghanistan, claims attack. Bagram air base is the largest U.S. military base in afghanistan. Early in the morning, the sound of explosions. Parr, a spokesman for the provincial governor Vahid? Siddiqui said by a Dutch act, attack bomber launched, he approached a restaurant at the base where the bomb detonated. Agence France-Presse quoted Siddiqui as saying: we do not know the identity of the victims, but the attackers may be working in the base of the afghans." Statement by Afghan officials, the explosion was huge, the surrounding area have felt. NATO said in a statement: "an explosive device was detonated in Bagram, causing casualties. 4 people were killed and another 14 were injured in the attack." The identity of the deceased has not been disclosed. NATO statement said: "Bagram’s emergency personnel in dealing with the injured, the investigation of the incident continues." Nicholson, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said: "the families and friends of the victims of the attack, I assure you, that they will get the best treatment for the disease," said John." Afghan Taliban spokesman zhabiwula? Mujahid later claimed that Bagram attacks launched by Taliban. Mujahid said the attack caused serious casualties of the American invaders". Bagram air base is located 50 kilometers north of the capital Kabul, since 2001 to become the main military base in afghanistan. The United States now has about 10 thousand troops deployed in Afghanistan to provide training and support to Afghan security forces. Taliban has repeatedly launched attacks on the base. Last December, a patrol at Bagram air base outside the convoy Dutch act car bomb attack, 6 soldiers were killed, and another 3 people were injured, this is the most serious attack when foreign troops killed. Taliban, Afghanistan, also claims to have created the attack. Taliban has recently stepped up attacks on Western targets. On the 10 night of this month, the German Consulate in Taliban, Mazari Sharif was a car bomb attack on militants, killing 6 people were killed and hundreds injured.相关的主题文章: