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National People’s Congress law production effect! The follow-up to see three members blocked core tip: after the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Hongkong interpretation, the next thing to do, may be more important, also need more energy, Du Pin believes that Hongkong in the implementation of the interpretation of the law of the people’s Congress, if you want to do the full implementation, but also to do three. Phoenix TV in November 8th, the chief editor of the time, the following is the text record: Du Pin: after the NPC Standing Committee released the law, Liang said that he was dealing with some of the follow-up. So today, the assistant of the 13 legislators was refused to enter the Legislative Council building, when to enter the follow-up notice. In fact has also taken similar action, it said they were condemned on several times the impact of the Legislative Council, and then made such a measure. Then the next thing, it may be more important, but also requires a lot of energy, it should be said that the problem is more difficult. First, we can look at Hongkong in the interpretation of the law enforcement by the NPC Standing Committee, how to accurately implement the comprehensive comparison, so Li Fei at a press conference yesterday in Hongkong said, when dealing with some problems, or especially justice is flawed, the central government expressed dissatisfaction, so the Hongkong can not fully implemented, it depends on the following points. We recently observed these points, the first is on the two place, the two mainly involves the Liang Songheng and Huizhen tour, the two candidate members how to disposal, how high court verdict, this fact is related to the judicial system of Hongkong is not able to get a fair deal. Or how is also related to the credibility, the central government of Hongkong justice, especially some of the views of the high court. Mutual trust and confidence between the central government and the local government of Hongkong will also be affected. The second is the government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region (SAR). Let’s talk about tomorrow and the Legislative Council will meet tomorrow. At the meeting the first two times we have seen, no way to go down, the impact. Will there be any kind of trouble or trouble at the meeting tomorrow? If there is such a situation, how to come and go, or the best can not be avoided, but also to see Hongkong in the implementation of the National People’s Congress law, its efficiency? How about it? Third if the qualification to the relevant candidate members involved in the local people to send, or pan again trouble, or take violent action, then Hongkong police, the Hongkong Department of justice, how do the Hongkong SAR government, which are related to Hongkong in the implementation of the legal efficiency, in particular to Hongkong as a society under the rule of law standards and implementation effect in the end?     managing editor of "time" Phoenix InfoNews [] broadcast program area Moderator: Lv Ningsi He Liangliang Du Pin first time: Monday to Friday 22:00 – 22:30  replay time: Tuesday to Saturday 03:30 – 04:00 to see more gold commentary, hot reading, anchor style, behind the dirt? Hush! Quietly to join Phoenix will enjoy private (ID:phtvifeng), let you take a walk with you;相关的主题文章: