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The National Day holiday consumption is expected good dimensional analysis of food and beverage sector lifts sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money newspaper reporter Zhao Ziqiang Ren Xiaoyu – editor’s note: just past the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day long vacation again, spending during the festival will burst growth. Analysts believe that in the festive consumption growth stimulation, food and beverage, Turisthotellet, commercial chain and other large consumer related shares of listed companies are expected to be sought after by the market. Today, this article on the industry from the recent capital flows, market performance and institutional recommendations, such as three aspects of interpretation, for investors. According to the food and beverage high-end liquor continued recovery "shows that the Securities Daily" Market Research Center statistics, in the trading of 77 food and beverage stocks, stocks share price since September 19th has risen 40, accounting for 51.95%. Among them, its gold ham, cumulative gainers, respectively, 13.49%, 12.45%, in addition, Jialong shares (8.61%), Chongqing (7.76%), the shares of beer (6.73%), Huiquan beer (6.04%) and other stocks during the cumulative increase in more than 6%. Capital flows, the stock since September 19th, a total of 20 food and beverage stocks showed a net inflow of large single trend, the cumulative suction gold 615 million yuan. Among them, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Tibet torch hi tech development, during the period of accumulated large single capital inflows exceeding 100 million yuan, 140 million yuan respectively, 114 million yuan, 107 million yuan, while Shuijingfang (51 million 839 thousand and 900 yuan), Yanjing Beer (47 million 335 thousand and 600 yuan), Yingjia (21 million 760 thousand and 600 yuan), I miss you (21 million 523 thousand and 200 yuan), Yantang dairy (20 million 901 thousand and 200 yuan), food safety record (20 million 219 thousand and 100 yuan), Shanxi Fen (20 million 129 thousand yuan) and hengshuncuye (10 million 772 thousand and 700 yuan) and other stocks during the cumulative net inflow of large single capital also were more than 10 million yuan. Performance, as of yesterday, there are 27 food and beverage industry listed companies to disclose the results of the notice of the quarterly results of the three, there are 20 companies pre hi performance, accounting for more than 74.07%. Among them, Shanghai Haixin food, Merlin, black cattle food, a large carnivorous dragon, Tianrun dairy and other companies are expected in the first three quarters of this year net profit rose doubled or losses. For investment opportunities plates, the market generally believes that the sub sectors in the food and beverage industry in the field of high-end liquor liquor bullish switch Market valuation. This year, the continued recovery of high-end liquor, both manufacturers, distributors and consumers are on the high-end liquor expressed firm confidence. Liquor fundamentals are the most robust varieties, the price of liquor cycle has been open, waiting for the end of the market switch Market valuation. Turisthotellet overall configuration value continued to improve display according to the "Securities Daily" Market Research Center statistics, in the trading of 32 Turisthotellet shares, stocks share price since September 19th has risen 16, accounting for 50 of相关的主题文章: