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"Nanjing East" debut at the Venice film festival for the Asia Pacific Film Unit – Sohu entertainment "Nanjing East" poster "Nanjing East" creative team of Sohu entertainment news recently, the seventy-third Venice International Film Festival grand opening in Italy city of Venice Lido Island, the first red carpet team is composed of China film director Mr. Zhu Cheng and he led the film the movie "Nanjing East" version of the international creative team, actor Li Zichen, Lin Ji on the Venice International Film Festival Red Carpet ceremony. "Nanjing East" as a reflection of the Nanjing event according to the true history of the theme of the movie adaptation, unveiled at the Venice International Film Festival Red Carpet attracted media attention. "Nanjing East" describes the brutality of war and the importance of the peaceful coexistence of human beings and short film "Nanjing East" on 1929, young Misaki Sato (Lin Jishi) to Nanjing to go to study China master essence, met master daughter Wu Huazi (Li Zichen ornaments), but on the outbreak of war in Shanghai, the fate of two people by the war change. "Surreal art language" in East Nanjing offbeat and unique way of expression for the real highlight the cruelty of war and love, peace and neutrality from the perspective of the importance of human pursuit of peace told. "Nanjing East" after the French Cannes debut on the Venice International Film Festival Venice International Film Festival is the world’s first International Film Festival, with the "father of the International Film Festival" title, and the Cannes International Film Festival in France and Germany, the Berlin International Film Festival and is known as the three major European International Film Festival, Venice international film the film festival focusing practitioners, encourage them to shoot new forms, unique style of the film, the film festival is the purpose of "film as a serious art service and very pure artistic criteria. Short film "Nanjing East" in three international film festivals in Europe have been unveiled at the Cannes International Film Festival and the Italy International Film Festival Venice two film festival, and shortlisted for the Venice Asian Pacific Film Art unit, world film culture industry attention. It is reported that the short film "Nanjing East" NANJINGTOKYO youth director Zhu Cheng four years of efforts, the film by Beijing people like films produced, CO produced by the Fiji China, Romon country star television, TS media, entertainment, Meritor Mermaid pictures. Following last year’s movie "Nanjing East 1937" in the whole network broadcast, director Zhu Cheng after several shooting Bupai, and re create the international framework version of the short film "Nanjing East", looking forward to an early meeting with the domestic audience.   相关的主题文章: