Movie box office will revoke the license of a maximum fine of 500 thousand yuan

Movie box office counterfeiters will revoke the license to a maximum fine of 500 thousand yuan to promote the film industry draft law submitted to the NPC Standing Committee yesterday, the two reviewers. A comparative review, two reviewers clearly prohibit the "false at the box office, and the provisions of the maximum fine of 500 thousand yuan, the most serious administrative penalty may revoke the license; for the misdeeds of actor artists frequent phenomenon, put forward" to comply with laws and regulations, comply with social ethics, abide by the occupation morals "requirement of domestic film screenings; in the cinema is not less than 2/3 of the time limit prescribed plus" reasonable arrangements "sessions and time; to highlight the protection of minors, clear film may cause minor audience physical or mental discomfort, should be prompt. In addition, the film content review standards added to the film should not contain the contents of the promotion of terrorism, extremism. The box office – fraud counterfeiters can be fined up to 500 thousand yuan last year, China mainland movie box office exceeded 44 billion yuan, becoming the world’s second largest film market. In August 7th this year, the mainland’s total box office more than 30 billion. But behind the boom, there is a scandal of box office fraud. In March this year, after being found guilty of non normal time false pomp, released only half a month of the movie "IP MAN 3" by the national film market special ticket office. After investigation, the fraud of more than 7600, involving 32 million yuan at the box office. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Bona film group president Yu Dong said that the current existence of a large number of cinema evasion concealed box office behavior, some cinema movie even steal 90% at the box office. Moderator, director Liu Yiwei said that some of the cinemas in the investment plan clearly stated, ready to steal 30% of the box office". "The film industry promotion law during the draft" trial and solicit opinions from all walks of life, some members of the Standing Committee, the relevant departments of the central government, and the public places proposed to strengthen the box office income supervision, increase the punishment of acts of false concealed box office. Accordingly, two reviewers provisions added: "the cinema film distribution companies, statistics, sales revenue should provide true and accurate film, making a false transaction shall not take false concealed sales and other improper means to deceive, mislead the audience, disturb the market order, the movie" and a clear legal responsibility: box office counterfeiters at 50 thousand to 500 thousand yuan fine, if the circumstances are especially serious can revoke the license. In the film industry threshold intends to cancel the qualification licensing provisions according to the Xinhua News Agency reported, along with the reform of the administrative examination and approval system to promote the film production license has implemented a "zero threshold", as long as it is registered in the business sector of the film culture enterprises can apply for filming. In this regard, the second draft of the abolition of the provisions of the film production license qualification, strengthen the film phase of the project review, increase by the competent authorities in charge of the film issued a record or approval documents. – occupation ethics advice for misdeeds artists clear public in recent years, actor and director of drug abuse, prostitution and other scandals broke from time to time, "sleaze artist" became a social focus. In this regard, there are members of the Standing Committee and a number of local proposals to increase the professional ethics of film and television enforcement regulations. The draft two reviewers clear: actor and director of film practitioners should be in accordance with the requirements of DeYiShuangXin)相关的主题文章: