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Ministry of human resources and social: the end of the three quarter of the national urban registered unemployment rate 4.04%- new network October, Xinhua news agency, the Ministry of Social Affairs held a press conference this morning, informed of the progress of human resources and social work in the third quarter of 2016. Ministry spokesman Li Zhong said the end of the three quarter, the national urban registered unemployment rate of 4.04%, lower than the annual target of regulation of 4.5%. Li Zhong introduction, this year, 1-9 months, the national urban employment 10 million 670 thousand people, ahead of the completion of the annual target of 10 million people. At the end of the three quarter, the national urban registered unemployment rate was 4.04%, lower than the annual target of 4.5%. Urban unemployed re employment of 4 million 260 thousand people. Employment difficulties to achieve employment 1 million 250 thousand people, to complete the annual task of the target of 1 million 200 thousand people. Li Zhong said that we must continue to do a good job in the steel industry to resolve overcapacity in coal workers resettlement work to carry out special employment assistance in difficult areas. Summary of the pilot experience of Guangdong labor cooperation, and actively promote the rural poor labor employment. The overall implementation of the employment of college graduates leave school employment promotion plan and the students start to lead the program, organize the college graduates employment service activities, to provide job information, training trainee service for the intention of employment of graduates, to provide business guidance and financing services for entrepreneurial willingness of graduates. The introduction of the implementation of the venture capital loans to support the work of venture capital documents to further enhance the relevance and effectiveness of venture capital loans. Li Zhong said, will continue to promote the business incubator construction, actively carry out the "double week", "China Chong wing" youth entrepreneurship and innovation contest and other activities. Steady implementation of the three support one program to improve the ability to work at the grassroots level. Research and draft the human resources market regulations (Draft), for public comment. To promote human resources service standardization, in conjunction with relevant departments to formulate the flow of personnel archives management service, human resources training service, human resource management and service standards of national standards 3, formally implemented in November 1st this year. Li Zhong said that the next step of the work arrangements, one is to focus on group employment. Multiple channels to do a good job in order to resolve the excess capacity of workers resettlement. To organize the implementation of college graduates’ employment promotion plan, to continue the implementation of migrant workers and other personnel home business plan of action for three years, improve college graduates and migrant workers employment level, further study and formulate the guiding and encouraging college graduates to the grass-roots work advice. Promote labor cooperation pilot experience, do a good job of poverty alleviation work. Efforts to increase employment assistance to ensure zero employment families dynamic zero. Two is to further study and improve the employment policy, increase the new economy and new employment patterns, flexible employment support. Three is to promote entrepreneurship to promote employment, promote the construction of entrepreneurial incubator demonstration base, and create a social atmosphere to encourage entrepreneurial innovation. The four is to strengthen the capacity to help in difficult areas, heavy task, workers, vocational unemployment risk greater employment difficulties of city and enterprise as the focus, continue to carry out the difficult areas of employment assistance special action. Five is to strengthen public employment services. Plus.相关的主题文章: