Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a report the national average lost 1370 elderly people every day

The Ministry of Civil Affairs released a report: the average daily lost 1370 old original title: Research Institute of Ministry of Civil Affairs released a report: the average daily lost 1370 old Beijing News News (reporter Wu Wei) this morning, the "white paper" in Chinese lost elderly released in beijing. The report shows that the annual national lost about 500 thousand elderly people, the average daily walk around 1370 people. Dementia and lack of care as the main reason for the lost man. The report issued jointly by the Ministry of civil affairs of the people’s social assistance Joint Research Institute of today’s headlines without public projects, writer Xiong Guibin introduction, by stratified random sampling, and ultimately determine the Beijing research group, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangxi, Sichuan and Gansu and other 8 provinces, 17 randomly selected 1661 rescue station the old man lost data and report data of 21 local police, and some elderly people by telephone questionnaire survey in-depth. Survey shows that the average age of the elderly lost 75.89 years old, of which men accounted for 42%, women accounted for 58%, the proportion of women is higher than men. 66-79 years old accounted for 44%, of which more than 75 years of age in this age group accounted for high. The report said the author, the age structure of the elderly tend to lose old age, and even 96 year old elderly appear lost. Where old people tend to get lost, the report shows that the loss of old people living in rural or small and medium-sized cities. Survey data show that the country lost the hardest hit at the same time is also a large elderly population outflow area, lost most of the rural left behind elderly. Xiong Guibin introduction, a noteworthy phenomenon is that the elderly have received assistance in the lost, there are still 26% lost again, which lost more than 5 times the elderly accounted for the investigation of the elderly by 6%. He explained that the reason for the loss of the elderly, the most is lost (35%), followed by suffering from mental illness (accounting for 18%), once again due to Alzheimer’s disease (accounting for 17%). Report data show that about 72% of the elderly lost memory disorders, which, after the hospital diagnosed Alzheimer’s patients accounted for the total proportion of 25%. The problem of missing the elderly should cause the attention of the government, family and society, the government should take measures to effectively avoid the problem of the elderly lost." The Ministry of civil affairs social assistance department inspector, China Social Assistance Research Institute president Wang Zhikun said that the white paper release relevant information and to let more people understand the elderly lost, to arouse the whole society to care, concern and care for the elderly; also urged governments at all levels and departments of civil affairs departments to formulate effective measures to protect the elderly to prevent lost. According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of public security, the national population information system assistance tracing net platform has been jointly set up the old lost rescue information system. Among them, the realization of the national network tracing rescue rescue station full coverage, so as to improve the search efficiency. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: