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Messi stone this week: he does not need surgery legend world cup name – Sports Sohu   Messi; at the end of December last year to participate in the Club World Cup during the burst of kidney stones, then by conventional means of quickly stone will be eliminated from the body after successfully catch against riverbed finals, not only scored 1 goals, but also help Barcelona winners. But according to the "daily sports newspaper" said Messi in order to completely cure kidney stones, will undergo an operation this week. After Messi attended the game against Levante, finding experts of the urinary system. The two sides agreed to cure kidney stones, in this Tuesday will do a small operation, but will not cause too much impact on the Argentina striker’s body, resting on the two day after the operation, will be able to participate in training on Thursday. This also means that Messi will miss the king’s Cup semi-final second leg match against Valencia, but the first leg of the Barcelona 7-0 kuangtu Valencia, the final is only a matter of time, Enrique will be rested, so even if Messi misses, it almost does not affect the results of barcelona. Messi in 2014 and 2015 two led the Argentina national team reached the cup final, but the World Cup defeat to Germany, America’s Cup penalty shootout defeat to Chile, the 0 national team that Messi criticized the crown. But senior Zanetti is on the Messi praised a plus. "We sometimes can not be Messi and Maradona comparison, Diego is the one and only, Messi is also doing their own thing. One got 5 Golden Globes and 4 Champions League, scored 97 goals to one year (Note: Zanetti Messi had a slip of the tongue, single natural year record for 2012 to create 91 goals), he does not need to prove themselves by winning the world cup. He is the Argentina national team angel, I for him, and all the Argentina people are proud to have Messi proud." (Bell Moder) 梅西肾结石本周手术 名宿:他不需要世界杯正名-搜狐体育     梅西在去年12月底参加世俱杯期间突发肾结石,当时通过常规的手段迅速将石头从体内排出之后,顺利赶上了对阵河床的决赛,不仅打进1球,而且帮助巴萨成功捧杯。不过据《每日体育报》表示:梅西为了彻底治愈肾结石,将在本周进行一次手术。   梅西在出席了对阵莱万特的比赛之后,就找到了泌尿系统的专家。双方商定为了更彻底的治愈肾结石,在本周二将做一个小手术,但不会对阿根廷前锋的身体造成太大的影响,在手术后静养两天,周四就能参加训练。   这也就意味着梅西将无缘国王杯半决赛次回合对阵瓦伦西亚的比赛,不过首回合巴萨7-0狂屠蝙蝠军团,晋级决赛只是时间上的问题,恩里克将进行轮休,因此梅西即使缺阵,也几乎不会影响到巴萨晋级的结果。   而梅西在2014年和2015年两次带领阿根廷国家队打进杯赛决赛,但是世界杯不敌德国,美洲杯点球大战负于智利,国家队0冠使得梅西遭到了批评。但是前辈萨内蒂则对梅西称许有加。   “我们有些时候不能将梅西和马拉多纳对比,迭戈是独一无二的,梅西则也做着属于自己的事情。一个拿到了5座金球奖和4座欧冠,一年能够打进97球(注:萨内蒂口误,梅西此前单个自然年进球纪录为2012年创造的91球),他不需要通过赢得世界杯来证明自己。他是阿根廷国家队的天使,我为他,以及所有阿根提人都为拥有梅西感到骄傲。”   (贝尔摩德)相关的主题文章: