Men walk on the road to go to bed tired quilt in the fast lane

The man walking on the highway go tired after the original title sleeping quilt shop in the fast lane: tired after the quilt shop China daily sleep in the fast lane (reporter Xue Wang) Qianxian County a man to work in Xi’an, was walking on the highway, because really sleepy, untied the sleeping bags in the fast lane. This scene of danger fortunately patrol high-speed police found a timely rescue and escorted the man to take the bus speed. October 31st at 12 pm, at the airport expressway 15 kilometers +900 meters, to the vehicles sudden emergency brake, collision avoidance, the original, a person lying on the fast track. Xianyang West High Copper Brigade squadron of police patrol saw such scene startled, the man rushed off to go to the emergency lane. The dim sleepy man wrapped in blankets, slowly finishing, snakeskin bag bucket to carry goods, very reluctantly. Go to the emergency lane, but also in the road along the road to sleep, the police quickly pulled it to the police car. After asking that the man surnamed Wu, more than and 50 years old, Qianxian County Liangshan people, to go to work in Xi’an, from Qianxian County along the highway towards walk a road in Xi’an, I do not know how to sleepwalk onto the highway. Walk for more than an hour later, because there is no food, it is not tired, see the road is very smooth, covered with blankets, sleeping in the Highway Lane head lay out. "You’re not dead?" Pointing to the police on the highway speeding vehicle on Wu said. While Wu argued that: "I What one says is plausible. to lie at that time no car ah." Subsequently, the police will send Wu from Seoul toll station under the highway, and the change on me to the other side, let it in the suburbs of Xi’an Zhu town bus station take the car. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: