Memories of childhood! Super Mary landed on the IOS platform in December this year (video)-ca4111

Memories of childhood! "Super horse Leo" in December this year, landing IOS platform this year’s Olympic Games Closing Ceremony of the "Tokyo 8 minutes" for Nintendo game "super horse Leo" and added a fire in the global, and today (September 8th) held at the apple press conference, Cook announced the first "super horse" will be officially in Austria IOS landing platform in subsequent years, Nintendo Co also issued a notice that the game will be available in December of this year officially launched the global Apple store, another official also released a video game on mobile phone. The IOS version of "super Madrid" is named "super SUPERMARIORUN running". In the game video, we can see familiar game pictures and make people eager. It is reported that the game is manipulated by touch, and the game’s horse race will run forward automatically, holding the screen to enable him to jump and operate on one hand. Besides, there will be more wonderful actions to expect. The game has a variety of models, not only support single mode, also support the people against challenges from the global game player. It is reported that the future will also launch the "super Mary" expression package, very worth looking forward to. (game icon) (iPhone version) (iPad version) believes that for many post-80s and post-90s, super Mary is an unforgettable childhood memory. Now it will finally enter the mobile phone to meet us again. The game on the line, whether to become the "elf treasure can dream GO", a popular global Nintendo mobile phone game? Let’s wait and see!

童年回憶來了!《超級馬裏奧》今年12月登陸IOS平台   今年奧運會閉幕式的“東京8分鍾”為任天堂游戲《超級馬裏奧》在全毬又添了一把火,而今天(9月8日)凌晨舉行的蘋果發佈會上,庫克率先宣佈《超級馬裏奧》將在年內正式登陸IOS平台,隨後任天堂公司也發表公告稱該游戲將於今年12月正式在全毬的蘋果商店上線,另外官方還公佈了一段手機上的游戲視頻。   IOS版的《超級馬裏奧》定名為《超級馬裏奧跑跑(暫譯,原名:SUPERMARIORUN)》,游戲視頻中可以看到熟悉的游戲畫面,讓人躍躍慾試。据悉,該游戲通過觸摸操控,游戲中的馬裏奧會自動往前跑,按住屏幕可讓他跳躍,可以單手進行操作,此外還將有更多精彩的動作可以期待。游戲有多種模式,不僅支持單機模式,也還支持多人對決,挑戰來自全毬的玩傢。据悉,未來還將推出《超級馬裏奧》的表情包,非常值得期待。 (游戲圖標) (iPhone版) (iPad版)   相信對許多80後和90後來說,《超級馬裏奧》都是無法磨滅的童年回憶,現在它終於將要走進手機,再次與我們見面了!這款游戲上線後,是否能成為繼《精靈寶可夢GO》之後,又一款火爆全毬的任天堂手機游戲呢?讓我們拭目以待!相关的主题文章: