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[map] or released in 2017 exposed a new generation of Rolls-Royce phantom spy – Sohu automobile Sohu [car   car]; recently, overseas media exposure of the new road of a group of new generation Rolls-Royce phantom test spy photos, the new car is expected to be released in the second half of 2017. As the phantom of the eighth generation models, the overall shape of the test car was captured is still a continuation of the current model design style, wide front and front grille are majestic aura. The headlights lit group from the point of view, the new car to equipped with a LED light source, the front bumper was also a new design, the overall visual effect more three-dimensional. From the side of the body, the transition to the tail of the car roof smoother, tilt angle of the trunk lid is greater, so compared to the current phantom at the overall style is more dynamic young. In addition, a new generation of phantom taillights and Bentley Mu is the taillight design style is close, and suspected LED into the light type light source. Interior design, the new generation of the illusion of a similar Mercedes Benz S class LCD panel and console display, the overall atmosphere of the interior is more modern and visible. It is reported that a new generation of phantom using the Aluminum Alloy body structure, so the body weight compared to the current model has been further reduced, increased in power and fuel economy. At present, the car’s dynamic information is limited, is expected to continue to be equipped with a V12 engine. (responsible editor: Bear fly)相关的主题文章: