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From all walks of life in Macao: for this behavior Li Keqiang Macao adds new power network in Macao – the new agency on 9 October, (reporter Chen Xiaoyuan Longtu) of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang will be held from 10 to 12, visited the Macao Special Administrative Region and attended Chinese – Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade cooperation forum fifth Ministerial Conference type. Macao, 9 people from all walks of life to accept China News Agency reporters, said the Prime Minister Lee look forward to the behavior of Macao’s economic development and improve people’s livelihood to increase power. A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Macao International Holdings Group Chairman Liu Yahuang said that Premier Li Keqiang visited Macao, attended the forum opening ceremony of the fifth Ministerial Conference in Macao, reflects the central concern and attention of the forum. He believes that this in support of the sustainable development of Macao at the same time, also spur from all walks of life in Macao to unite, give full play to the advantages and mobilize various positive forces, with the modernization of the country for further development, "one country two systems" practice make brilliant achievements. Wang Shanshan, a resident of Macao, believes that the prime minister’s visit to Macao shows that the central government is concerned about the development of Macao and hopes that the SAR will be prosperous and stable for a long time. She looked forward to the prime minister into the community, close to listen to the voice of the grassroots people, to improve the quality of life in Macao to add momentum. Wang Shanshan, who works in the education sector, is also looking forward to Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to the school district, to understand the development of education here, and to promote exchanges between Macao and the mainland elite students. Portugal is currently engaged in investment advisory work of the Macao youth Zicai Huang believes that Prime Minister Lee to Macao, that the central attaches great importance to the construction of Macao Chinese cooperation with the Portuguese speaking countries trade service platform, and give great support. Huang Zicai hope the central government will sign more agreements with Portuguese speaking countries on bilateral trade and production output in this forum, to promote the further cooperation between countries Chinese and Portuguese trade; and create more employment opportunities, so that more young people in Macao into them. Taxi driver Mr. Wu’s visit to Macao Prime Minister welcomed the prime minister and look forward to bring good news. He believes that now many young people in Macao can’t afford to buy a house to get married and have children, the future of Macao may face a shortage of labour, hope that the arrival of the Prime Minister of Macao residents can promote to solve the housing problem. (end)相关的主题文章: