Lushang Group Beijing debut opening deserted District breakthrough difficulties-whereisip

Lushang Group Beijing first show business breakthrough difficult as opening deserted Shandong Commercial Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Lushang group") into Beijing’s advance, Ginza square harmonious foundation started after five years in this month opened. Obviously, for a comprehensive shopping center, Lushang group with great expectations, and would like to take this opportunity in the country to carry out the strategic layout, flourishing. But in fact, in the southwest of Beijing, the increasingly fierce competition. In addition, with the shopping center and the homogenization of serious structural overcapacity intensified, Lushang group north of the road is not smooth. Five years of planning in Beijing finally came more than a genuine and fake business and test of business news, Ginza has finally officially opened in harmony square this month. Beijing Daily reporter interviewed found that after the opening, Ginza harmony Plaza is located in the Beijing high-speed and Wanfeng Road intersection northeast corner, distance Liuliqiao subway station about 1 kilometers, positioned as a community shopping center, in the low-end brand preference. The shopping center is a layer of gold shops, Old Navy, C&, A etc.; fast fashion clothing brands. The shopping center located in the periphery of the accessibility of higher shops to attract Starbucks, KFC, pizza hut, Paris baguette, Pacific Coffee and other shopping center, a high degree of overlap of catering brands. The shopping center is a layer, and Lei Mai and Rossini and other domestic brand watches and CHCEDO, AFU, Herborist and other domestic brand beauty and on the other floors, meet as equals, the clothing brand for La Natsu Bell, Edgar, air etc.. 3-7 shopping center are children entertainment, dining, beauty and other experiential formats. Many new shop clerk for mining potential customers, customers fill out the questionnaire or into the store to receive the gift. Lushang Group official website released data show that Ginza harmony square opened two days, passenger volume of nearly 200 thousand people, sales of nearly 10 million yuan. However, the Beijing Daily reporter visited to see, although the shopping center is being held in clothing, cosmetics, household appliances, Home Furnishing full reduction activities and full sweepstakes, but the brand shopping in the store a few consumers. MUJI, Decathlon and other brands are suction gold in other shopping center in Ginza square, harmonious is desolate, the low rate of bag. Even if its high-end Hot pot sipping join some other food and beverage brands opened yet, but compared to the shopping shops, the shopping center located in the 4 and 5 layers of more than 20 restaurants is much more popular. Beijing Daily reporter in the survey were interviewed several consumers, they generally said, although the opening of Ginza square for harmonious surrounding residents to bring the convenience, but with other large shopping center also has a large gap, imitation means is also heavier. Looks difficult for this "break the first store in Beijing, Lushang group have struggled. In fact, from 2009 onwards, Lushang group began operation of the project, the final choice was more commercial projects, the group of blank but high population density in southwest Liuliqiao area as the target, and the foundation started in 2011. But the passage of time, during the construction of harmonious in Ginza Plaza project preparation, and six in the相关的主题文章: