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Find the hearts of the children "the rabbit" – Sohu to find the hearts of the children’s mother that rabbit "– Reading" Tu Xiaoti’s life "paper tiger tiger ability game picture soundwell picture and cartoons often use a variety of animal as the protagonist of the story, such as cat and dog, pig, rabbit, some animal characters may it has become a classic, which is deeply rooted in the image of the protagonist rabbit Miffy, Tom rabbit, I bought this two small rabbit picture books, but the child showed little interest in, I thought he was on the rabbit the animal is not cold, so when the other kids talked about this a few characters. We chose the other animal as the protagonist of the book, until you see this set of" rabbit small children game picture books "provided the ability of living, I realized love children Little rabbit, I just like the rabbit. "Rabbit small children provided a" game life picture book consists of 11 volumes, including 8 hardcover books, which are "come eat cake", "O king," Grandpa and grandma home. "The really fun", "fun" and "farm lost toys", "kindergarten it", "I do not want to sleep", "and" and "the zoo Father Christmas comes with the book of Esther," "joy stick" 2 copies of the book of Esther Sticker Books, 1 volumes of coloring book. 8 story books covering a wide range, not only relates to the basic knowledge of daily life, also mention the game and play the small rabbit, and the growth experience of outdoor activities, children starting from these familiar scenes of life, life links in the story, the story is very easy to enter the role, lead to resonance. Such as "eat" King cake ah, kids eat bread in the Imperial Emperor Festival, a small porcelain who cake, you can when the king or queen, and then to make another person as his queen or king, children love this game very much, but also there is a book in the back DIY handmade crown, parents and children together to do more fun to play the game, boy. "Dad" and the zoo is lively, children usually love to go to the zoo, it also introduces some animal living habits and scientific knowledge, such as the lion with the mouth a little lion, giraffe split leg bent down to drink water, but also from the perspective of the child. The farm "really interesting" this can be combined with the "joy" attached to the book of Esther to play together, understanding a variety of animal farm, children will get a variety of animal stickers torn, cow, pig, sheep were the small animal posted to the appropriate location, further deepen the knowledge of the farm. "Happy paste book" in the stickers are different from the previously played stickers can be repeatedly torn down, paste. Why not love children, Miffy rabbit Tom, and very little mention of rabbit love? Perhaps life small rabbit is more close to the actual life of the child, and at the right time appeared in front of him, and read to feel; perhaps because "rabbit small children’s life picture book" game provided ability imperceptibly into the habit of training, emotional management, ability to make these children need to have the stage "the ability of living"; perhaps see the box turned small bookshelf became excited, "I have a strong.相关的主题文章: