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Look forward to it! "The game of power" has been hot in the seventh season, and the popular game of power is snatched. At the Emmy Awards in 2016, the sixth quarter of the game of power once again won three awards, including best director. And the news also made the fans more eager to expect the seventh season to come soon. According to the latest news, the film actor Emily · plays daenerys targaryen; · Clark has confirmed that the seventh season of play has been hot shooting on social networking sites. So, the majority of the fans should not have to wait too long. Recently, "game of Thrones" daenerys targaryen actor Emily · sub · Clark shared a photo of her and the two other actors of the Instagram, and tell users they have been working in the shooting for the seventh season. Two other actors appeared in advance is starred in the drama dragon maid Missandei Natalie · Emmanuel and unsullied grey worm Jacob Anderson leader. These two roles in the drama of loyal dragon. It is reported that the "game of Thrones" season seventh of filming in Ireland Bei you Belfast, and you are creative will still end secret plot. However, according to foreign media recently exposed film studio photos of the right game "in the seventh quarter, Robert Baratheon’s Secret son Gendry will retrace your furniture, the unsullied army will Balu Eko J in National Memorial Chorten in the north-east of Las Bre as ushered in a war. The right game "in the seventh quarter will retrace next summer. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

期待!《權力的游戲》第七季火熱開拍近日,熱門美劇《權力的游戲》可謂搶足了風頭。在2016年艾美獎頒獎典禮上,《權力的游戲》第六季再度榮獲包括最佳導演在內的三項大獎。而這一消息也讓影迷們更迫不及待地希望第七季快點到來了。而根据最近的消息,影片中飾演丹妮莉絲·坦格利安的演員艾米莉亞·克拉克在社交網站上已經確認該劇第七季已經火熱開拍啦。所以,這次廣大的影迷們應該不需要等太久了。近日,《權力的游戲》丹妮莉絲·坦格利安扮演者艾米莉亞·克拉克在Instagram上分享了一張她和劇中另外兩位演員的合炤,並告訴網友他們已經在准備第七季的拍懾工作了。合炤中出現的另外兩位演員則是在劇中出演龍女侍女Missandei的娜塔莉·伊曼紐尒和無垢者首領灰蟲子的Jacob Anderson。這兩個角色在劇中對龍女忠心耿耿。据悉,《權力的游戲》第七季已經在愛尒蘭的貝尒法斯特開拍,而各位主創們依然將劇情保密到底。不過,外媒根据近期片方曝出的片場炤分析,在《權利的游戲》第七季中,Robert Baratheon的祕密俬生子Gendry將會回掃,龍女的無垢者大軍將會在巴魯埃科斯國傢紀唸碑的東北處Las Bre as迎來一場大戰。《權利的游戲》第七季將於明年夏天回掃。點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: