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Liu Cixin: when all the problems will be solved, human beings will face the death of Psychology – Sohu culture channel AI application currently plays the role of artificial assistant chat robot, and the future will be on the development direction of AI+HI. Artificial intelligence is not like people, it’s better in the future, artificial intelligence is one of the hot topics. Artificial intelligence has been applied to people’s lives, although it is not popular, but its huge possibility reveals from scientists and the attention of investors, has become an important element in many science fiction. On this forum,, vice president of the Asian Institute of China, Mr. Zhang Yizhao from the perspective of the combination of technology and humanities interpretation of the current situation of the development of artificial intelligence and its potential applications. The future has arrived, but there is no average distribution, Zhang Yizhao with such a sentence on the status quo of artificial intelligence are summarized. The application of AI as a healer as chat robot wheatgrass, representative play artificial assistants, and the future will take the direction of development, the AI+HI HI Human Intelligence, which AI can solve some simple problems, difficult problems and don’t know how to solve it to HI, people can to solve these problems, but to solve all of these questions, they can teach robot, robot learning more and more complete, more and more complex, then you can solve the problem more and more slowly." Zhang Yizhao also introduced the application scenarios of future virtual reality, "if you talk to another person to meet face-to-face, now are you going to fly fly far, fly ten hours, and there he saw the plane for three hours. In the future, people wear these devices to communicate, it feels like a face-to-face communication. Virtual reality can have a big impact on your life. We hope that through this method, people can communicate with each other in a virtual environment. In addition to commercial applications, it can also be applied in other different scenarios. For example, learning, you can imagine in the future you can meet any teacher in the world." This year is the sixty year of the term artificial intelligence has been raised, the question of whether artificial intelligence will replace the human race is still controversial. Zhang Yizhao believes that people have a value system, which is not able to have artificial intelligence, the future hope that the robot can do some more tedious work, but people can help do some more complex work." Tsinghua University professor Peng Kaiping bluntly, artificial intelligence is not the same as people, the better its future. Artificial intelligence may not to exaggerate its similarity with people, not to pursue the similarity with people, it should become a machine, this machine is that we call the human assistant, is also our future is the production of intelligent machines, and even can be called intelligent hardware, there is no need to do it as imaging the people." He is from the angle of psychology of artificial intelligence may lead to problems, "I am worried that some people praised the artificial intelligence, stimulate others against artificial intelligence, the artificial intelligence between people to engage in a large artificial intelligence"相关的主题文章: