Li Yifeng Qingyun Zhi where type advertisement on-line fanyao sweet festival (video)

Li Yifeng Qingyun "Zhi" where type advertisement on-line fanyao sweet mid autumn Qingyun Zhi _14 > > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent Qingyun Zhi" entertainment news by Li Yifeng starring costume drama "Xian Xia Zhi" is hit in qingyun. "Steven incident" finally fanyao feelings The case is entirely cleared. upgrade again, Zhang Xiaofan, "where the type of love", "fate" of all sweet confession. Between two people from under the fetters of impressed the audience, also look forward to the feelings of the two line of the next development. Any type love sweet Confessions "fate" is full of love and Zhang Xiaofan Baguio along the way repeatedly encounter danger, experienced several common destiny, the feelings of the two rising, both in words, or in action, two hearts are closer. Zhang Xiaofan risked his life to save Baguio, an intimate reminder: "next time don’t be so bold, too dangerous, plain language show tenderness; two survived, Zhang Xiaofan also has said:" some people, even around a long way, you would have met him, "this sentence the voice is two people who are facing the fate of the portrayal; magic battle, Zhang Xiaofan is repeatedly back Baguio:" she is my friend, we had a "simple but powerful words to give a sense of security in Baguio full. Although there is no respect of love, but love warm words but let the audience across the screen are Zhang Xiaofan love sprout, development. Zhang Xiaofan warmly accompany silently feelings show the character of Zhang Xiaofan simple, in the face of friends and love people can not say what magnificent words, but will never come to you when you are in need, "I am here" where is the love the best footnote. This kind of dull gentle temperament not only let the Baguio keep thinking about more than, also become the hearts of the audience "a man of god". Zhang Xiaofan normally look to Baguio eyes deep and introverted, eye brow with a full sense of Chongni; critical moment can lay down my life for the protection of Baguio dilemma. Not only do love play cooking specialty buns Baguio, Zhang Xiaofan had languo shoulders Baguio, so double offensive speech and action, let the audience shouted: "you come together!" And "love your show of affection!" The dog has been fanyao summer couple contracted, near the Mid Autumn Festival on the occasion, listen to the words Xiao five minutes, sweet 2 hours, "all love" has hit the audience heart of girl. I believe that with the follow-up story aired, fanyao couples will be staged dog abuse drama, the next two love interaction more attracted the audience anticipation.相关的主题文章: