Li Keqiang meets with the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council, Prime Minister of New Zeal xpphone

Li Keqiang met with the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council of New Zealand Prime Minister John? The news agency of the new network in New York based on 19 September, (reporter Guo Jinchao) Chinese Premier Li Keqiang 19 pm local time in New York at the hotel met with the Prime Minister of New Zealand John base?. Li Keqiang said that the current relationship between China and the healthy development momentum. The economic and trade cooperation between the two countries is smooth and good communication in international and regional affairs. China is willing to work with Singapore to enhance political mutual trust, maintain high-level exchanges; deepen economic and trade fields of pragmatic cooperation, strengthen cooperation in judicial and law enforcement in the field; close communication and coordination in multilateral affairs, promote the healthy and stable development of the new relationship. John said that the development of new China relations is very smooth, frequent high-level exchanges. The new Party attaches great importance to developing relations with China and is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in economic and trade, judicial and law enforcement and other fields, and promote greater progress in bilateral relations. As the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council, China appreciates China’s constructive role in international affairs. The two sides also exchange views on the DPRK nuclear issue, Syria. Li Keqiang expounded the principled position of china. (end)相关的主题文章: