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Let the old Lai blacklist, borrow (discipline dishonesty in action) – the rule of Law — people.com.cn "judge, our unit on the debtor list, WeChat circle of friends are spread, many people ask what is going on, we have a lot of pressure. Now, we are actively arranging repayment, can we remove the unit from the blacklist?" In September 26th, Jilin province to promote the development of small and medium enterprises service center director Zhang Dongwu hurried to the Changchun Jingyue high tech Industrial Development Zone, the people’s court, explain the situation to judge. In 2013, the Bank of Jilin branch and the Limited by Share Ltd Changchun Jingyuetan Center signed a loan contract, then the Bank of Jilin branch and the center of Jingyuetan respectively with the borrower a high 56 people signed a loan contract, agreed to a high 56 loan. Since then, the Bank of Jilin branch of the loans transferred to the center of the account, and according to the requirements of the loans were transferred to a high of 56 actual borrowers. However, after the expiration of the loan, many borrowers refused repayment. The Bank of Jilin branch will be the center of Jingyuetan court. After the trial, the court made the ruling, Jilin provincial SME Service Center should be the repayment to the Bank of Jilin Jingyuetan branch, involving a total of more than 3510 yuan. For this judgment, Jilin SME Service Center has been dragging refused to implement. Jingyue court according to the "Supreme People’s Court on Several Provisions" information dishonest debtor list published, the central information dishonest debtor list library, unified to the public. As a public institution, Jilin SME Service Center was exposed, much social concern, the head of the Jilin Provincial Department of industry and information technology department has repeatedly urged the situation. Zhang Dongwu immediately for repayment, at present, the case has been executed payment of more than 1500 yuan. The central office of the State Council recently issued "on accelerating the debtor credit supervision, warning and punishment mechanism construction opinions" clear requirements, and resolutely implement the central office of the State Council issued the "leading cadres to intervene in judicial activities, in case handling records, reporting and accountability provisions". And "record and accountability Provisions" within the judiciary officers say the case, to the relevant departments and leading cadres intervention implementation, implementation, with the implementation of blocking behavior, in accordance with the law to seriously deal with. This provides a sword against "Laolai", not the implementation of court decisions to refuse the organs and institutions sounded the alarm. It is understood that the court system in Jilin province will further increase the combat escape execution, negative execution debtor, broaden the dishonest debtor Joint Disciplinary scope, increase the "Laolai" disciplinary efforts to safeguard the authority of law. "People’s Daily" (November 22, 2016 09 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: