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The budget is less than 100 thousand, and 90% people who want to buy the car of the joint venture will consider that several Sohu car "double eleven" you chop hands!? Admit it, more or less you’ve already bought your favorite items on this crazy shopping day. So the question is, how to take home? Or how to carry her girlfriend downstairs to give her a big surprise? The pursuit of cost-effective you, the following can not install a few expensive joint venture car, is definitely your food! SAIC Chevrolet style RV guidance price: 7.49-9.99 million engine: 1.5L transmission: manual block 5, block 4, comprehensive fuel consumption automatic Ministry: 5.6L 100km appearance fashion personality consumption control is good to improve the configuration, the whole system comes standard with ESP engine start stop system and the obvious advantage of interior space rough noise is slightly larger no engine noise cotton 4 speed automatic gearbox is behind the brick fashionable appearance, comment on tert MPV similar to the other, let your girlfriend and you will be very satisfied, of course, you have to endure a noisy driving environment, and automatic transmission performance is relatively backward. SAIC Volkswagen Skoda Xin dynamic stylish personality spacious interior interior workmanship neat fuel economy high toughness solid chassis rear floor is not flat, the middle uplift high low allocation models do not support the rear seat down brake ratio give people confidence is not enough without cotton insulation of the engine, the engine noise is larger at the same level in the tertiary comment brick, you can hardly find this level of travel version of the car, from this space has been able to remove most of the same level models seckill, and with German cars driving solid texture, moving Xin t more push to buy Bricks with models. Honda fit guide price: 7.38-11.28 million: 1.5L engine gearbox: 5 speed manual and CVT CVT Ministry: 5.3-5.7L comprehensive fuel consumption 100km appearance strong performance of the leading fashion space with the level of neutral outstanding power output smooth traffic noise larger chassis is hard, sport tuned top models only equipped with tert l11SP brick comment on the fit is the same level of the hottest selling joint models, it is no wonder that good reputation, strong power, high space utilization rate is its selling point, although it seems generally the size of a small car, but Honda’s "dig space" of the master, is a little regret that only top models only with ESP. GAC TOYOTA YARis L dazzle guidance price: 6.98-10.48 million engine: 1.3L, 1.5L transmission: 5 block manual, CVT CVT integrated fuel consumption: 5.2-5.4L 100.相关的主题文章: