Lee Hom stopped working with the founder of the book to give birth to the idea-webquest

Lee Hom shut down into the idea of Lee Hom and his wife on map information with production mode to the Facebook founder, Lee Hom after the Toronto Film Festival "firepower concert" after the movie premiere, announced full suspension, accompany the production mode into a period of 2 months, to take care of pregnant with her second wife Wang Lianglei. Today, he said in his face book: two months of maternity leave is actually my good friend Zuckerberg set an example of the idea." In fact, Wang Lianglei had first children, Lee Hom went to the expected date of birth up to work, and the decisive break 2 months, the original is friend, Facebook founder and chief executive Mark · Eliot · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) effect. Lee Hom recently frequent drying out photos of Zuckerberg with his family after her daughter was born last year, had 2 months of maternity leave, in addition to enjoy family life, but also with his wife Pulli Sheila Chen (· Priscilla Chan) share the care of the newborn infant more toil, announced that its employees can have up to 4 months of paid maternity benefits, not only the production of female employee entitlements, male employees can feel at ease with production, it also seems to give Lee Hom a lot of feelings. Mrs. Zuckerberg won the last daughter Lee Hom said: "just think, if such a busy man can do this, I have what reason to do? Indeed, many studies have shown the benefits of future family building, the interaction between children and their parents, and the extent to which they can reduce the degree of postpartum depression." In addition to the upcoming birth of baby shoes, cherish wife mood also revealed. Lee Hom also revealed that under the "macro music" employees have 2 months of paid for maternity or paternity leave, shouted: "we continue to open fire in November!" Netizens praised: "Lee Hom is a good husband, good father, good son, and the boss", "care is really a good boss", "elder brother, there is a vacancy in your company"?相关的主题文章: