Leadership called the boss, these local political ecology is how bad it – Sohu comments winfast

Called the "boss" of the leadership of the local political ecology is how bad the Sohu leading Party relations is only on the power of truth, the practice of power, the power of personality, even if the party hierarchy is pure comradeship, may not be "big brother" and "little brother". There are media reports, Zhou Yongkang, Ling Jihua friends, is what they call the "boss". In the Sichuan Department officials frequently sacked closely with Zhou Yongkang on the occasion, Zhou Yongkang controlled by another "Gang" — oil help in the oil, a cadre said: "did not think of Sichuan things, but we all believe that the ‘boss’ no problem,’ boss’ no problem, Jiang Jiemin wouldn’t have a problem, Jiang is a firewall." A native of Shanxi Ling Jihua established "Xishan", the senior officials, rich merchants "Xishan", Ling Jihua in the absolute position of "old". I do not know since when, in some organs and units, some party members and cadres will call the main leadership as "the boss", and some leaders seem willing to accept such. Why? Because of this title, the main leadership, means that they had "a cut above others, lord it over others" feeling; and for other forms, is because it is intimate and more close to the leadership. People say is "boss" once called in for a long time, I wish you love, and will therefore form a relationship of interests, and even the composition of interest group? The fact is that, once the master servant relationship was established, you recognize me as the "boss", as the "boss" I must take care of you "brother" and "sister". Zhou Yongkang, Ling Jihua or other "boss" who are keen to do it, they gave their interests in people with a wide range of grace. Naturally, "little brother" "little sister" of "boss" ", but also understands, favours weighty as a mountain" and would "call," play "stuff, die again and again. In some places serious factionalism, corruption, often have "who is who, who is in the background" such talk. The mutual distrust, mutual security, even against each other, distorting the normal gay relationships, but also a serious impact on the work of the party, can not be said to have great relevance with the. Call the leading cadres of the "boss", it is easy to let the relationship among Party comrades "phenomenon of the market, circle and grading" – "market rules instead of political life and the principle of party spirit, to engage in the exchange of interests", "private relations between the various interest and mutual help, shade the mess and Gang Gang Party discipline", "trampled on" hierarchy "and" patriarchal "’ranking and to engage in" privilege "system" and so on, will follow. As the corrosive corruption and the rule of law, its effects and consequences, since be unbearable to contemplate. Where does the party come from? Party should be referred to each other comrades. Call each other comrade is the fine tradition of the party. 1921 "a" platform ", where the recognition of the party Manifesto and policy, and is willing to become a loyal party members, Party members" by the receiving party, become comrades. Review the history of the Communist Party of China, the war and the beginning of the establishment of the new China.相关的主题文章: