Large calendar encounter the moon Lange Saxonia wrist. – Sohu ca1805

Large calendar "encounter" the moon Lange Saxonia wrist watches a time – Sohu [watch] tasting in eastern Germany, a watch Kingdom — Isaacson, here is the most important German watch industry cluster is located, is also the birthplace of German watchmaking. The name Lange Saxonia series, is derived from this, to pay tribute to this founder Lange had created brilliant place. Mention Isaacson, Lange once at the beginning of this year held a special exhibition "Isaacson: German craftsmanship home", to show the humanistic and landscape aspects of the state of Isaacson. Lange Saxonia Series in 2016 with the new changes, in addition to thin section, large calendar and moon ‘alone, " add a touch of color, for the Saxonia Moon Phase watch today, we come together to see, the 384.026 wrist watch time. Since 1994’s Renaissance, large calendar and Isaacson series at birth. Since the big calendar is Lange watch with a strong indication of design, it originated in nineteenth Century to participate in the design of the founder of Langer’s father-in-law Dresden Semper opera digital clock five minutes. With the rise of Langer’s large calendar, witnessed the birth of a long and a brilliant timepiece. The moon, play an important role in the long line, it gives Lange watch unlimited reverie, accurate design and exquisite craft of the moon phase, let us see a unique charm of lange. Rigorous Lange Saxonia series large German watchmaking style calendar moon phase watch made in Germany internationally, and one is famous for its traditional crafts category is watch. From the origin of nineteenth Century, Lange represented the highest level German watchmaking industry, it is from inside and deeply reflects the Germans that improving the quality of the spirit. Lange Saxonia series calendar moon phase watch combines two well-known Lange complex structure — calendar and moon phase, for the first time in the present series of Isaacson more than symmetrical way, a total of two platinum and rose gold version of precious metal. The side 18K white gold case in today’s innovation boom, many people think that innovation is the subversion of the traditional, but in the tide of history, the innovation of mechanical watches, really survived, most is not the case. Lange is a focus on the innovation of the brand, but follow a foundation, that is the brand has a long history of watchmaking tradition. Round case, Barton type scale, dagger type pointer, these are the traditional Isaacson series; 12 o’clock big calendar display, the 6 o’clock position precision moon phase, these are the innovations of Isaacson series. Watchcase polished and brushed Black Crocodile Leather Watchband a 18K platinum needle buckle dial elegant watch case with platinum sheet material, diameter of 40 mm, 9.8 mm thickness, a good watch size. In such a situation, whether it is a big wrist of the Europeans, or wrist thin Asians,相关的主题文章: