Korean O’Young praised Liu Shishi her beauty can not be in the side (video)-oboni

Korean O’Young praised Liu Shishi: her beauty can not be in the side of Korean O’Young praising Liu Shishi’s beautiful Ma Li went to Thailand after the farewell female man Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media "Ming Pao Daily News reported on September 6th, by Lee Jun-ki and Li Zhien (IU), Jiang River that EXO members and the main bakhyuns play drama" step by step I recently aired in Hongkong: Li "become a hot topic among the 4 protagonists, Lee Jun-ki IU, Bo Yin and Jiang River in South Korea that day before the interview, talking about the shooting drip. Who plays the female lead solution tree IU, praising the original Liu Shishi O’Young as a classical beauty, beauty is not matter, make you feel great pressure: "in the mainland in the original, Liu Shishi is a beauty, which makes me very worried, but when shooting without worrying about the original thing, because I think we are shooting a new works." "Natural" startling step by step: Li brought by netizens to Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi starred in "startling step by step" (Opera) in four, as Prince Lee Jun-ki that comparison is good: "" "startling step by step in the mainland is very good, we in South Korea’s Korea times interpretation of the new version, showing not the same with the original Korean style." Lee Jun-ki also praised the IU learning ability: "as a historical play the main characters, to illustrate the environment and situation around, definitely not easy, if lost can not find the role, it will be very difficult for interpretation, but IU has done well, she will be the whole process and characters relations interpreted very well, I was very surprised." As for the new series bakhyuns also said: "that little pressure is a lie, in order to do better than the original, everyone is working hard."相关的主题文章: