KMT vice chairman Hao Longbin we can not blindly curry favor with the mainland

KMT vice chairman Hao Longbin: we can not blindly to please, Hao Longbin (map) original title: KMT vice chairman Hao Longbin said: the Kuomintang can not blindly to please, [] comprehensive observer network become an opposition party, the Kuomintang has boasted: themselves in the so-called "92 consensus, one of the table to maintain both gold for eight years, and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party to the authorities" protest". However, the KMT vice chairman Hao Longbin recently claimed that the KMT can not blindly curry favor with the mainland, to strengthen their position. Not blindly to please, according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported on October 22nd, Hao Longbin 22 by the Kaohsiung municipal Party invited South speech, titled "Hao Longbin Hau lung bin". As a member of the opposition in his speech before the interview, was asked how the DPP government’s cross-strait policy. Hao Longbin said that the DPP does not agree with the "92 consensus" of nine under the premise of tension between the two sides and severe, affected by the economic development of Taiwan, there must be a communication channel, the Kuomintang on cross-strait relations do better than the DPP, should give full play to. As for the recent fiery "one of the table" and "the forum", Hao Longbin responded that the problem is that both sides of the strengths, the past is based on "92 consensus, one of the table, the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations; the cross-strait forum, the Kuomintang will also emphasize" the table "again but, he said he did not plan to participate in the forum. Hao Longbin has been regarded as a strong contender for the next president of the party, the media asked him to go to the grassroots grassroots party chairman? Hao Longbin did not respond positively, but to understand the place, how to go to the party is difficult, so that the KMT stand up again. The media then asked, what is the purpose of his speech topic? He said, Kaohsiung City headquarters of the grass-roots to understand Hao Longbin himself by this lecture examines past experience, reflection review, review the past and look forward to the future. In his speech, Hao Longbin bluntly without pretense rhetoric, Kuomintang to supervise the DPP, but not blindly, please, take our stand, otherwise there is no hope of the kuomintang. He also criticized the DPP unconstitutional violation of the way to kill the kmt. Hao Longbin to the United States to study experience, for example, pointed out that the United States is also a serious confrontation between the two parties, but the working time is the enemy, the rest are good friends. Therefore, he called on the DPP dissatisfied with the policy of the people, or people worried about the development of cross-strait relations, as soon as possible to the KMT platform, will be given the opportunity to play. Talk about the election "legislators" for what purpose, Hao Longbin said: "Hau’s son, must bear, can not escape, and walk on the road of politics. Compared with the DPP, the KMT in the training of young talents as a failure. Hao Longbin stressed that the enthusiasm of young people want to join the KMT, the KMT will attach importance to talent; the KMT to cultivate talent in order to regain their footing in 2018. KMT culture: the muzzle of the end of the speech, Hao Longbin and the presence of public interaction. A retired person for the KMT army cohesion worried that the KMT should support the party chairman Hong Xiuzhu, should not Peng相关的主题文章: