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KG to participate in the training of Griffin and Deng Kenshen he singled out the Clippers? Garnett stormed the Clippers training camp battle personally training Griffin Tencent sports news September 30th has just announced his retirement Garnett seems reluctant to leave the venue, according to the "masslive" field training news, KG today appeared the clippers, and Griffin playing a singled, looks still vibrant. And on the other side, Duncan also appeared in the Spurs training camp, the two retired superstar again God synchronization. Garnett challenged Griffin to participate in the training field training the Clippers play today big way, and this man was just retired Kevin Garnett, the Clippers official twitter released a photo, which is Garnett and the Clippers forward Blake Griffin to play Griffin singled, in jump, Garnett also tried to cover. This official also wrote: "today’s training ground ushered in a special guest." KG so vibrant, also lamented his retirement decision early, a reporter on twitter said, Garnett attended the Clippers training today, but he did not follow the team training, and only Griffin made some technical discussion, in addition to Griffin and in a contest, Garnett is also the end of the training after guiding the Clippers rookie, is like a pair of tutor team attitude. In a recent interview, the Clippers coach Rivers said, hope Garnett can come to the Clippers players training guide. "I’ve always wanted him to come to us because you want to find a player like him. He’s a dressing room leader, very powerful and influential." Rivers said, "in training, he is an excellent coach, NBA should give each team are assigned to such a mentor, to guide the players training, tell them how to be the best player, how to become the best leaders." "They’d better let him and Duncan both come to the training ground to coach the young players and tell the players how to play in two different ways." Rivers also said. Interestingly, in Garnett today to participate in the Clippers training at the same time, Duncan also really went to the Spurs training camp conducted a visit, the two great players not only in jersey numbers and retired time in understanding, and even participate in the activities of the heart have also. Earlier rumors said the knight also recruited Garnett, hope he can play assistant, in the new season now, KG may also face trouble, if he wants to do assistant, will undoubtedly need to make a decision, is the talent to Cleveland or Losangeles? (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: