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Kewozi listed for sale 79 thousand and 900 what? You asked me who is Kewozi? Sohu – car finally understand why the new Cruze is not, is all for it. Have a blessed Fawkes shinsc Jetta Bora Weilang with hideo…… Today is also has "entourage" Kewozi! Compact market competition has become increasingly fierce. In order to full foot (TAO) (Kong) of different consumer demand (Qian) and (Bao), manufacturers introduced a variety of segmentation models were very common at the same level as the FAW – Volkswagen Jetta (grade A-), Polaris, Sagitar (Grade A) (A+), Buick Excelle, and Hideo Weilang, Beijing modern mania, four generations (Yue, Lang, collar, Elantra sales). Is the so-called "more children a good fight", look at others with a bunch of kids to the A-class car market cake to eat so well, only a Ke Luzi Chevrolet has long been jealous. So, Chevrolet Kewozi came into being. From the name of view, the new car is Ke Luzi "entourage", together with the car to see what are the highlights! Platform: and is not half dime and although the name "brother" like the Cruze, but in fact it Kewozi and no half dime relationship, but distant relatives and Buick Hideo blood more pro. Chevrolet Kewozi and Buick Hideo, the new platform to build Pan Asia Research and development based on D2XX platform is not the cruze. Size, Kewozi Bikeluzi is a small circle, thus, Kewozi positioning slightly lower than the Cruze, the price is cheaper, the compact car is an entry-level. Products: all-round development Chevrolet official will Kewozi located in the boutique, in accordance with the Almighty intermediate sedan "automobile industry promotion routine, said he" Almighty "products like school" agriculture ", all-round development, what are some but not all of the best results, can mix the upstream. The price of 7.99-10.99 million, than the same advantage – all standard closed type intelligent start stop function – 14 full function ESC vehicle stability system – 5.4L hundred kilometers, with the lowest level Kewozi appearance inherited the family in the new design, the main movement of young wind, Bikeluzi looks beautiful, Bimai Rui Bao younger. Left: the Cruze right: Mai Rui Bao car interior dynamic and layering, workmanship and materials are also very lovable. Equipped with 7 inches touch screen, equipped with Chevrolet Mylink intelligent vehicle interconnection system, compatible with Baidu Carlife features. From the configuration point of view, Kewozi line to locate entry of family cars. All standard can be closed with intelligent function, start and stop the 14 full function ESC vehicle stability system, high strength steel rate as high as 67% BFI integrated cage type body, TRB variable cross-section rolling patent B column, intelligent alone.相关的主题文章: