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KD head shot 26 points in the third grade show burst has been locked leading scorer? He will lock the sun leading scorer? Sina sports news Beijing time on October 31st, the sun Feinikesi home court against Jinzhou warriors, although after four day battle is still 100-106 Sunday, but the teenager TJ- Warren 21 cast 10, 4 free throws, scored 26 points and 6 rebounds, the performance is very good. Warren is the Suns selected in the 2014 draft of the first round pick (14 overall), at the time of the draft report, clearly presented his technical features: physical conditions between the three or four, has the advantages of excellent offensive instincts, can always find the best shooting position, and hold high the disadvantage is outside shooting, at the same time is not defense perimeter players footsteps, no hard on the strength of man. After entering the league, the sun attitude of Warren is quite ambiguous, on the one hand he wants to train, but at the same time, whether to give him the full space and seemed hesitant. Last season before the season, there is news that the sun is going to help him up, so that veteran PJ- Tucker back on the bench, but after the game, he was still on the bench. Fortunately, the ability to grasp the opportunity of Warren as his steady distance shot, when the team in mid season injury, he started four games and averaged 15.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.3 assists, so when the team traded markieff – Maurice after all that, Warren opportunity finally came! People did not think that it’s a joke with Warren, he fracture in a match metatarsal at the beginning of the February season. Until 9 months later, it ushered in the outbreak of opportunity: in the last game against the thunder game, Warren will take 36 minutes, 18 throw in 13 scored 30 points and 9 rebounds, the league’s most popular teams today face the warriors, MVP and Wang Kaiwen scored directly on Durant, his audience with the opponent tit for tat, again played outstanding performance. With 2 meters in height and 11 2 meters 26 arms, and excellent personal technology, Durant is considered one of the league’s most unlikely to be capped players, but today after just 31 seconds, Warren Durant gave a big hat, let a person dare not underestimate. Next, he is on the offensive end display eighteen Wu Yi, three, in the distance the ball shot, the basket two attack, after the three cut 22 points, under his leadership, keep leading the sun long time, until the last day at the start of a rival is also pressing. However, the critical moment, after all, still more spicy ginger, the final decisive moment, Durant scored again and again, Warren are unable to resist sustain the blows. However, in the offensive side, his last 1 minutes and a half or even into the ball, the sun became the most stable point of fire in the two. Throughout the game, in the face of rival Warren’s performance as the Suns, although bad chess move, but encouraging. There is no limit to youth, as time goes by, he and their future will be bright and bright. (panda)相关的主题文章: