Ji’nan Benz sedan Lianzhuang 12 fence Ran Beijing – in retrograde meyou

Ji’nan Benz sedan Lianzhuang 12 fence ran – retrograde Beijing Qilu Evening News September 19th (reporter Zhang Tailai) recently, the streets of Ji’nan occurred breathtaking scene. Under the dim lights, a white car passing through an intersection when suddenly crashed into the middle of the road guardrail, did not take any measures to brake, direct hit in the past, has crashed 12 fence. Fortunately, despite the serious damage to the vehicle, but the driver was not injured in the accident, the direct drive from the opposite direction to escape the scene. Flyover Traffic Police Brigade four squadron police Wang Dianjun, the accident occurred at about 0 in the morning on September 14th, the accident is a white car, the incident is traveling along the normal route to the West east. A video bridge traffic police provided, 14, 0:12 in the morning, white car driving to the intersection of normal road and WuYingShan Road, the vehicle suddenly tilted to the left, straight into the middle of the road guardrail. From the video, the speed is very fast, did not take the brakes directly hit the central barrier." Wang Dianjun said, with the collision accident occurred in the past is different, this time the white car was hit directly from the middle of the fence. A strong impact force to the white car like bulldozers will lower roots with the guardrail crash, jumping sparks scattered on the ground. A total of 12, 13 damaged section of the fence post, the car stopped." Wang Dianjun said that after the accident, a white car driver was not at the scene to stay, did not get off the view, go to the lane along the throttle reverse away. Let white car driver Xiemou did not expect that, as a result of panic, in the fall of the former plate was left behind in the scene. At that time, some people called the police. After the alarm, the police according to the license plate left the scene quickly locked the car and driver xiemou. On the morning of 15, on the police intend to contact Xie Xie sometime, take the initiative to call the phone, said the driver himself is hit the guardrail. In the afternoon, Xiemou came to the traffic police squadron surrendered. The investigation, Xiemou, Jinan, aged 32, the car was in December last year registered car, Xiemou in December 1st last year had been disqualified, is currently in the internship period. Asked about the scene of the incident, Xiemou said he was working on the night shift, suddenly received a call from his pregnant wife, said suddenly stomach pain. Xiemou anxious to drive to his home, the accident occurred on the way. Xiemou said there is no reason to leave the alarm, because anxious to go home to send his wife to the hospital, a hurry to forget everything." Wang Dianjun said. At present, the Xiemou suspected accident, retrograde and other illegal activities, the police is still under investigation, once the illegal behavior is established, a single accident will be a one-time record of 12 points, plus Xiemou still in the internship period, the license will be suspended for one year and can not be achieved. In addition, since the accident, I have to bear the Xiemou repair costs, and to compensate for a fence. It is estimated that the cost of a fence in about eight hundred or nine hundred yuan, plus the column, Xiemou to compensate for the cost of nearly $20000.相关的主题文章: