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Jiangsu to deepen the institutions to reform the administrative administrative market to market the intersection point on the ring ring, drug flow, for the needs of the family of contraceptives…… For Zhenyuan Changshou City Yushan family planning service station where Finland, this is familiar, but from the beginning of May this year, all these have become the past. The first half of this year, the situation in the integration of health and family planning, maternal and child health care department where the integration of Fen family planning service station and the city community health service center, where the content of Fen also more to the public health service to tilt, she told reporters the intersection, "women’s health services, reward and assistance plan family care, family lost independence is an important content of their work now." From the family planning to the health of the people, is a great turning point in his career, but also to deepen the reform of the institutions in Jiangsu, the context of the integration of resources to optimize the allocation of a small microcosm. Intersection reporter learned that in recent years, Jiangsu actively and steadily push forward the reform of public institutions, so that the administration of the executive, the market return to the market, more public welfare! Jiangsu institutions how to change? Pinch two ends, stay in the middle of the institution is to serve the community for the purpose, should become the main force to provide social services. Jiangsu Province Office career Organization Department Director Jiang Kaiyuan, institution reform of Jiangsu in the province’s institutions to conduct a comprehensive clean-up norms on the basis of classification reform according to the social function, the simple point that is "pinched, two left middle, assume administrative functions, administrative agencies or classified into administrative agencies; engaged in production and business activities, gradually into the enterprise; engaged in public service, continue to remain in the institution sequence, to strengthen public property. Provincial Science and technology project evaluation service center, "Jiangsu reform" magazine, the province of mechanical and electrical equipment procurement center…… With the advance of reform, these institutions have disappeared". Intersection reporter learned that, by cleaning up the specification, the number of institutions in the province to reduce the number of more than 1 thousand and 900, to recover the cause of up to more than 40 thousand. "Specification for cleaning, and mostly changed is the function, scale, weakening the similar responsibilities of small institutions." Based on clear specification, the provincial Commission Office in accordance with the social function, the institution is divided into administrative functions, engaged in business activities and engaged in public service in three categories, and lay a solid foundation for further reform. It is reported that Jiangsu has completed nearly 40 thousand categories of institutions, accounting for more than 95% of the total number of institutions in the province. How is it going? Undertake administrative functions and institutions are the next step to adjust the focus! So, the progress of the reform of public institutions in Jiangsu? The intersection of reporters from the provincial office learned that Jiangsu in 2004 began to start the reform of production management institutions, the first in the country to promote the transformed into enterprises, the bulk of the landing, "a legacy of the production and operation of institutions, from easy to difficult, a change in a mature." It is worth mentioning that, in March of this year, the central office, the State Council jointly issued on the implementation of administrative functions of institutions to carry out pilot guidance, Jiang Xian相关的主题文章: