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Jiangsu: 95 newly married couples in Yuhuatai to commemorate the martyrs – flowers Beijing Xinhua Nanjing September 30 Xinhua (reporter Qiu Bingqing) the sky under a heavy rain, a tall pine, martyr sculpture more majestic, solemn martyrs cemetery in Yuhuatai. 95 of married couples from all walks of life in Nanjing this morning Yuhuatai martyrs cemetery to Yuhuatai Martyrs flowers, expressed gratitude to the revolutionary martyrs. He Baozhen, the daughter of the martyrs of the martyrs, such as the niece of the martyrs of the 13 relatives of the martyrs and other representatives to participate in the commemoration of the activities of the, such as the daughter of the martyrs of the people’s Republic of China, such as the daughter of. September 30th is the national day of the martyrs. This year marks the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese, in order to carry out extensive mass of patriotism and national defense education, arouse the youth of the country’s martyrs and heroes tribute, Jiangsu provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Political Department of Jiangsu military and Civil Affairs Bureau of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, national defense education office and other departments to choose the 95 couples, in the nodes of their life the memory of the martyrs, remember today’s happy life is the revolutionary martyrs blood, and educate their children in the future, a tribute to heroes will be handed down from age to age. 9 in the morning, the newlyweds, relatives of martyrs, the people’s Liberation Army and armed police officers and soldiers singing "Anthem", to the martyrs in silence for 1 minutes later, the 95 couples in turn went to the Revolutionary Martyrs Monument stood, bowed to the Martyrs Monument flowers on the expression of lofty respect who died in the struggle for national independence and the people’s Liberation of the revolutionary martyrs. Nanjing, Yuhuatai is a large number of Chinese Communist Party’s sacrifice, the martyr who died here, there are 1519 names, most of them young people. Selfless struggle beyond the ordinary life of their goals, showing lofty ideals and beliefs of the Communist Party, the noble moral sentiment and dauntless spirit of sacrifice for the people. He Baozhen martyrs and the daughter of Comrade Liu Shaoji, 90 year old this year, the elderly specially from Beijing to participate in today’s commemoration of the activities of the old man, Mr. Liu Aiqin. In 1934, her mother He Baozhen as a traitor informant, in Yuhuatai died at the age of 32. Liu Aiqin deeply miss her mother, I believe her mother to see all the beautiful land of China today will be very pleased. She said: "when you remember the martyrs struggling to sacrifice the original intention, when it is hard to know all this, please do not forget the martyrs have been dedicated to the life and youth." In this special day, with the Yuhuatai District Public Security Bureau police work on a couple of newly married couple Ding Sicheng and Dai Bin specially signed up to participate in the commemoration. They told reporters, grew up in the vicinity of Yuhuatai, listening to the stories of these martyrs, so that they have a special feeling for Yuhuatai. In the event, more happy life today that is not easily won, martyrs trades with the blood and the life. We must not forget them, to cherish the moment, and today’s heavy rain also told us that the sun always after the storm." In the morning, Jiangsu province 13 cities and some counties (cities, districts) in the local representative of the revolutionary martyrs cemetery organized the newlyweds to the revolutionary martyrs flowers activities.相关的主题文章: