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Japanese Geisha career sour, sweet, bitter, hot salty ma – Sohu Kyoto (attached travel Raiders) in Kyoto is a Japanese traditional culture preservation is the best. If you travel there, it is necessary to watch a Geisha performances, but to see this with a strong Japanese traditional color culture performances, it is best to gion. There is a flower in the gion, road, road will encounter a lot of costumed geisha. However, depending on the performance of the professional, it is necessary to spend 2500 yen to buy a ticket to the glory hall. Japanese Geisha (Geisha) in Tokyo Kanto region known as "Yun ‘(Che. Chan, Geisha)", "Yun (GEI)" means "art", "(SHA)" on behalf of the "people" or "actors", called "semi probation jade" in Kyoto; Kansai, Osaka and other regions are known as "Geisha (or written as" Yun Zi ", all reads was sweet, Geiko), called maiko (Apprentice stage or writing" the dance ", is pronounced Ma Che language, Maiko), which produced in Tokyo in seventeenth Century and Osaka, all is the first male, they in the brothels and entertainment venues to play traditional drum music, rap amused for a living. In about 1750, became the first female Geisha, and from that moment, the industry was gradually replaced in women, and follow up to now. The geisha in Japanese ukiyoe "prostitute" retains the traditional Chinese usage, either on behalf of women’s art performers, but also on behalf of female sex workers. A "prostitute" refers to the former, because in principle they are artists, not engaged in trade. But in modern Chinese, "prostitutes" tend to be simply considered as sex workers, so only the "modern Chinese translation wording geisha" this kind of taboo for the purpose. In fact, in Japanese, "Kabuki" refers to male performers, such as kabuki. Geisha not prostitute entertainer, others rely on professional meals, except for the guests to serve food, more is at the banquet to dance, music, musical instruments and other performances to add to the fun, to meet men’s dreams, pleasure, romance and possessive. Usually with their transaction, is the upper class rich and powerful man. Now, as long as you like, everyone has the opportunity to become a geisha. But in the past, it was a lifelong career, and it was necessary for the mother to be a mother. The diplomat Huang Zunxian believes that when the Tang and Song Dynasties, who, like a prostitute. At that time China, literati singing is very popular with a common custom, just like the dignitaries who are keen to call the star with dinner is a reason, in the vastness of the Chinese poetry, also left many poems singing prostitute who, the most famous song when Bai Juyi white Mr. "Pipa", the poem describes the abnormal life of geisha. When the Song Dynasty has Chongwen martial culture, by taking the cultural route and officialdom in the successful host of the There are plenty of people who. In fact, the old officials are quite some literary attainments, such as Tang and song are official, is Yangzhou eight strange officials have accounted for 50% of the proportion. Even as Cai Jing also despicable character Qin Hui is a talented person, we now commonly used in the computer is Cai song.相关的主题文章: