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Japanese centenarians over 65 thousand hit a record high of 87.6% for women in the new network – Reference News Network September 15 daily Dawsey media said, according to the latest data released 13 MHLW, the number of Japanese centenarians hit a record high, more than 65 thousand people, more than in September last year by 4124, an increase of 6.7%. According to EFE reported on September 13th, the Japanese "old day" is coming, each prefecture statistics as of September 1st data show that 87.6% of centenarians are women, 51.68 centenarians per 100 thousand people. Reported that since 1971, the number of Japanese centenarians increases ceaselessly, MHLW analysts believe that this is mainly due to the progress of medical technology. The Japanese government began counting the number of centenarians from 1963, when the number of 153 people, 35 years later in 1998, this figure was first broken million, 2007, 2012 and 2015 respectively 50 thousand and 60 thousand, exceeded 30 thousand mark. From this year’s data, centenarians increased by 3797 women, reaching more than 5.7 people, an increase of 327 men, reaching a total of 8167 people. At present, Japan’s oldest woman is 116 years old, the oldest male is 112 years old. Reported that, in addition, the average life expectancy of Japanese women reached 87.05 years old, men were at the age of 80.79. In each prefecture, Shimane Prefecture in 96.25 for 4 consecutive years in the first row, Kochi county and Tottori county respectively to 87.93 and 84.84 followed. In the bottom three in turn is 38.27? 35.05 Jade county 30.97, Aichi Prefecture and Chiba county. (compile Han Chao)相关的主题文章: