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Travel-and-Leisure Japan, an island country, is located in the Pacific Ocean. It has been given the epithet of land of the rising sun. It has the worlds tenth largest population. The Greater Tokyo area is the largest metropolitan area in the world. Japan is a major economic power, constituting second largest economy after United States. It is the member of several international organizations such as United Nation, G8 etc this developed nation with a high standard of living is a worlds leader in technology, machinery and robotics. Increasing number of tourism to Japan has tourism a vital part of the Japanese economy and society. Japan hotels have made an excellent provision for ac.modation of tourist to the country. Various projects are being carried out to meet peoples need for leisure and to encourage them to go on long holiday travels. Some of the hotels have also started offering several types of discounts so that it could fit inside their needs and budget. There are many Tokyo Budget hotels that cater the need of visitors at cheaper rates. Kyoto, a city in island of Japan, was previously the capital of Japan and is now the major part of metropolitan area. The most beautiful city of Japan has hidden beauty in temples and parks. It is the center of Japanese power, tradition, culture and religion with an accumulation of unparalleled collection of temples, shrines, palaces etc thus, it has be.e the major tourists destination of Japan and includes wide network of Kyoto hotels that serves every type of visitor. Tokyo, the capital city blends the old and new in a seamless manner. The countrys religious and feudal past are represented by temples and palaces. It is one of the attractive and an expensive place to visit. Here, the attractions result from a mix of important cultural, historic and societal trends. There are two main places to visit; Nikko and Kamakura. Nikko is a solemn pilgrimage site and a UNESCO World Heritage site. In its surrounding is stunning and mind blowing National park. Kamakura is famous for its great Buddha statue and is the best collection of temples, shrines and monuments. Osaka is also one of the Japans vibrant cities. It .bines its history and modern economy. The peace center, Hiroshima, is known for its peace park and peace memorial museum. In proximity to it, is Miyajima Island that is worth visiting. Nara, a beautiful place with splendid temples is near to Kyoto and Osaka. Apart from all these, there are many tourists attractions such as Fuji Hakone Izu National Park and others. One can easily .e across Japan hotels , which spread across the entire country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: