It’s taxi to work met black rental property stolen also suffered a beating ppbox

It’s taxi to work met black rental property stolen also suffered a beating the original title: taxi driver taxi to work actually met a black rental beaten 5 robbery at 21:20 PM, Harbin taxi driver Mr. Jiang after work in Fushun Street hit a taxi home, had intended to go to Xiang Gu near the Century Lianhua supermarket, but is this taxi driver to the highway bridge, Mr. Jiang found not ready to alarm, but the driver took the mobile phone, beating into the grass, and the watches, cash and other items. At present, beating the driver has abandoned the vehicle and fled, the police are investigating. The brother reflected: "work meets the teammate black rent money was robbed people also called" 5, 23 PM, a brother telephone call to reporters reflect, "my teammates came home from work on a car rental, was beaten black taxi driver near Sun Island highway bridge crossing, and ransacked." The 6 day at 0 o’clock, reporters rushed to the scene, Mr. Jiang has been found in the vicinity of Sun Island highway bridge team crossing the grass. According to several teammates still on the scene, Mr. Jiang was seriously injured, head and face is full of blood, is on the way to the hospital. The reporter saw a car parked on the roadside, blue and yellow Hyundai   car, license plate number for the black AJ99**, the body does not shed light, the car is not the operating board and supervision card, but the installation of the empty lamp and meter. Sun Island police station is near the scene, surrounded by rushed to the taxi driver. Received a distress call: "he said the night driver was hijacked then lost to Mr. Jiang opening night bus driver told reporters," about 9:40 that night, I suddenly received Mr. Jiang’s phone, said he had been hijacked, now the road bridge, then the phone lost contact. I quickly notify the night crew with walkie talkies, to find the road near the bridge." Several teammates by broadcasting this news release, and soon someone feedback, in the southern Sun Island highway bridge crossing to the northern direction, parked a suspicious taxi, windshield broken, on the right side of the vehicle front and rear wheel tire deformation, license plate number for the black AJ99**, but the car did not see people. The night driver told reporters, "more than his teammates rushed to the scene, the scene found a vehicle antifreeze leak and tire drag marks, impact friction marks on the curb, and body fragments, we found the injured Mr. Jiang in the vicinity of the grass, his face is full of blood, consciousness is not clear, immediately put his teammates rushed to the hospital." Mr. Jiang was hit: "I found that the route does not just robbed mobile phone alarm under the" treatment of wounds in the public security hospital Jiang told reporters about the incident, "at about 9:30, I and friends in Fushun street, a taxi alone review Township, but on the a taxi shortly after the discovery of the route no, I questioned the driver found the car has been opened on the highway bridge." Jiang said that the car does not have a service monitoring card, may be false rental, then asked to get off, but the driver did not stop. Subsequently, Mr. Jiang using a mobile phone to inform the night shift drivers, said "the black car hijacking", and to the police, the driver was subsequently put Yan相关的主题文章: