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Weight-Loss Everybody loves a plate of samosas, right? In fact, the moment we feel hungry, we love to order cheesy pizzas, or head out to gorge on pani puris or sandwiches. At coffee shops, we slurp with glee on sugary sundaes and for dinner with friends, we order creamy pastas or oily gravy dishes. We love to dine like kings at every meal! Very soon, this sort of diet begins to show itself in the form of weight gain and minor to major ailments. It is true what they say about Good health not being made in the gym, it is made in the kitchen. We are truly the sum of what we eat and if what we eat is junk, our health will begin to bear the brunt of it. Nutritious food is needed on a daily basis for the body to function properly. Right from the adequate oxygenation of blood to the optimum functioning of the organs, and from joint flexibility to muscle strength, everything is determined by the food we eat. Naturally, our health will improve if we eat nutritious, balanced meals. In contrast, fattening food or crash diets only harm the body as they have zero nutritive value. We also tend to give in to childrens demands for fried snacks every day but should we be afraid of their tantrums or their future ill health? Good food habits incorporated in childhood are retained during adulthood. Children raised on a diet of low-oil, low-calorie home cooked food develop good health and fitness early in life, as opposed to children who munch on fried food every day. While our lives become inextricably busy and leave us no time for exercise, it is time that you start counting calories for yourself and your family. If you are unsure about the calorific requirement for children and adults, consult a nutritionist who can make a diet chart for the family. Insist on meals being cooked on a low flame (to prevent smoking and hydrogenation of cooking oil) and without less salt, sugar and oil. Restrict eating out to once a fortnight, or ideally, once a month. Even if your children insist on it, curtail regular consumption of ice creams, pastries, fizzy drinks and fried treats. The family can have a cheat day once a week when it consumes sweets and fried, salty food in moderate proportion. The family must also exercise daily. While young children are not expected to exercise in the gym, they can run, skip, cycle and swim to build fit bodies and increase stamina. Adults can try these and also add dancing and gym workouts to the mix. With all these measures, it is also important to be fiscally responsible. Since one cannot predict the course of future events, it pays to pre-empt the financial burden of disease. Taking health insurance for the family is one way of ensuring that you can easily shoulder the expensive treatment and hospitalisation for yourself and/or your family members. Taking a family health plan is a good way to ensure that you receive timely treatment without draining your savings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: