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It is a problem for two years with the stove? Please note that the public screening range change personnel in Wu home, kitchen staff said this change, stove head of the stove nozzle has fire leak. Wen reporter Huang Pan photo in October 22nd in Wenzhou City, Mr. Wu Wen call the news hotline reflect that in the morning, a kitchen staff came to his home to see the kitchen stove, pointed out the existence of security risks, can not be transformed. Wu questioned: this range is used for more than two years, and are relatively normal, how to become a "stove"? Yesterday afternoon, reporters came to Mr. Wu living area "strong Jinyuan", his family’s stove with a yellow paper, and wrote "has not been modified or replaced, it is prohibited to use". Range change staff told Mr. Wu, the stove there are security risks, to ensure the safety of the user, not the transformation of the stove. Mr. Wu proposed, according to the Wenzhou City Gas Co., the relevant provisions, if the stove is using the term of less than 8 years, which is in line with the conditions of free replacement. The kitchen stove is used for more than two years before, are very good, how to have a problem? In Mr. Wu’s home, the reporter met the kitchen to change personnel. He said that after checking the stove burner nozzle with fire leak. Relevant person in charge told reporters the City Gas Company Limited, the Wu family’s stove before use has been "invisible" security risks, if you insist on reform, will give the user the subsequent use of a great risk. According to the "Notice of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government on the implementation of" natural gas conversion file requirements: "not reached the retirement age, but the combustion conditions of serious deterioration in the same range not transformation. The Gas Co shall not be paid were changed, so Mr. Wu to contact the store to replace the stove parts independently. The reporter visited the small number of households, that morning had claimed to be the home inspection service staff to provide stove, stove are proposed after the change to the household stove staff recommended suppliers, and sell all kinds of price range. Most of the residential tenants said, can not distinguish between true and false, fear of being deceived. In this regard, the Gas Co staff made it clear that the company has no stove sales, did not authorize any organization or individual to carry out sales range. On the market under the banner of "everything is cooking sales Gas Co" or "Wenzhou natural gas conversion project" in the name of false. In addition, the company changed the scope of service personnel to wear uniform work clothes and work cards. Has been found to have counterfeit criminals of the company staff to change range change, sell stove, stove paid high prices of bellows. Please pay attention to screening, beware of deception. Reporters from the city gas company was informed that, according to the Wenzhou natural gas conversion project implementation plan, the company in the new world of · new homes, apartments, silver Xiamen Jinyuan, strong Qi Feng Group, Ning Xia group, Dengfeng group by natural gas conversion, as of 5 pm yesterday, the work has been basically completed in the area of natural gas conversion. If the problem can be repaired after the repair hotline 88386119, or call the service hotline 24 hours 967555.相关的主题文章: