Is there ever a loyal man

Is there ever a loyal man? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! What is the most important thing in this article from the WeChat public "loyalty" loyalty marriage? This sentence often determines the final direction of a relationship. If you choose "loyalty" these two words, then, I can responsibly tell you: you give your marriage planted a time bomb. What kind of person would choose these two words? 1 there are two, one is "listen to your mother." people: these people are often inexperienced, but the idea is very positive. When you have nothing, you have to assemble a set of values for older women. Older women tend to see life like this: the world is a barn, everyone’s task is to eat and mating, mating is to give birth to a child, give birth to the child after seeing the children can continue to mate gave birth to the next generation, your task is met, can go to die. This is the view of the poor in a spiritual world. I used to have an article saying that this is a woman’s independence, but not the era of spiritual weapons. We have, is the set of views of the patriarchal society. All the views are to tell you: what emotion, is not important, the important thing is to have a man to be with you for a lifetime. If the end of the day, the woman will die very miserable, it will become a mental disability. They say very reasonable, unfortunately, these things have a shelf life, if the time back 30 years, maybe that person can not guarantee the time, we are so life, but first in a love like this age, people eat meat, not just fall on the ground face down at the material level, the rich and the poor the gap becomes larger, and the happiness of the gap between rich and poor is also larger. Everyone can show the pursuit of a loving state, but in reality, to have a mate is the center of life, it is so split. To sum up in a word, if you choose to loyalty as the center of life, that means to a certain extent, you must eliminate all eliminate the heart, into the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, the spirit of a temple. Because of this so-called loyalty is based on your fear: you don’t know how to face the desire of the man, and his desire, you fear once betrayed, is the end of your life. In fact, this kind of life is to say: I am very incompetent, do not know how to deal with more complex life, so I have to find a man with a disability, so I will be safe. 2 the second is "I’m tired of those good men": there is a saying, "HaoMao nine lai". This sentence when I was a cat on the guide: all the precious cat, most will have a. This makes me deeply understand what is called Dialectics: everything has a price. If a person is good enough, then there must be something that you can’t bear. You are the appearance Association, you will find that you can see the man, a lot of women can also see; a woman can be seen by many men相关的主题文章: