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UnCategorized Business coaching isn’t for those that NEED a coach. After all, no one really needs a business coach but business leaders choose to hire him or her because they know that using one will give their business a competitive advantage. How do you decide if business coaching is for you? Ask yourself the following questions and decide: Do you already have a high income? Most clients of qualified business coaches make over $100,000 per year. While a good coach can be hired for as little as a few hundred dollars per month, it’s still an investment. But it’s an investment that can pay off in increased productivity, more efficient management and increased income. Do you own your own business? Owning your own business makes it easy to apply the advice and guidance that you’ll receive from your business coach. You may want to expand your business, but you don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you find yourself awash in a sea of small problems and could use a hand in prioritizing your goals. With a trusted business coach backing you up with motivation and experience, you’ll be able to see your business goals and achieve them. Has your business grown so fast that you feel like you’re losing control of it? That’s not an uncommon problem for a successful small business owner. You’ve grown, you have more employees, you’re making more money but you also have more problems. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unfocused in that situation, and a business coach can get you back on track, focused on your next step. Have you failed at business before, and scared that you’ll fail again? Lack of confidence is deadly in business, but a good business coach will help you to identify the mistakes you made before and help you to break old habits, create positive new ones, and feel good about how you’re handling your operation this time around. Do you feel like you would benefit from a fresh point of view? A business coach offers an unbiased look at your business, and will give you advice with no ulterior motive. They are not paid based on your productivity, so they won’t act as a hatchet man, firing employees and cutting costs to earn their bonus they only care about your goals and helping you to reach them. Coaching is a collaborative partnership, with your business coach acting as a guide to help you identify your desired outcome and steer you towards it. Are you able to commit the time to working with a business coach? For certain types of coaching say, learning goal-setting skills or creating a marketing plan, coaches may only work with a business owner for a few weeks. But often, the business coach is hired for a longer period of time. It all depends on what your goals are, the manner in which you want to work with your coach, and how often you intend to meet with your coach. Look at how far-reaching your goals are the more you intend to accomplish, the more time you’ll want to spend taking advice from your business coach. Only you can decide if hiring a business coach is right for you and your business. Coaching is a two-way street, with the business coach helping you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and offering a sounding board in support of your taking your business to its full potential. For a relatively small investment, the motivation, training, guidance and mentoring offered by a professional business coach could be the wisest investment that you can make for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: