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IPhone 7 screen technology, although still behind the visual effects of outstanding digital Tencent (Databoy) in general, the latest mobile phones are equipped with the best screen. Interestingly, in 2016 Apple launched a new mobile phone to the LCD screen, and other flagship mobile phone have abandoned LCD, though, apple mobile phone screen still has an excellent performance, belonging to the "best" ranks. Whether it is Galaxy S7, Note 7, or Nexus 6P, Moto Z, LG G5, a plus 3, almost all of the high-end smart phones are not selected LCD, iPhone, and Plus 7 is installed in the LCD screen. Other flagship mobile phone use is OLED screen, or AMOLED, two similar, we throw them into a class. DisplayMate Technologies President Soneira (Ray Soneira) believes that the reasons for the company to choose OLED very full. Soneira in evaluating the iPhone 7 screen said: "OLED is thinner and lighter, more narrow frame, can almost use the borderless design, OLED can also be used to make a flexible screen, curved screen. In addition, the response time of OLED is very fast, visual angle is better, do not support hibernation display mode." The OLED is popular today, openly praising the iPhone LCD screen seems strange. It is precisely because the iPhone 7 does not have these advantages, so it will be more outstanding performance. Compared with the previous phone, iPhone 7 may look very similar, but some components have considerable improvement, the screen is one of them. Soneira found that in all aspects of iPhone 7 screens are beyond the previous generation of products. Not only that, in terms of peak brightness, maximum absolute color accuracy and other important aspects, iPhone 7 beat other smart phone screen. To engage in a iPhone 7 to use the steepest bright black Yan burst table values double lens switching sliding in view of this, the iPhone screen does not need to be a champion, DisplayMate think Galaxy S7 screen is the best OLED screen, the two who is the winner, to make choices are more difficult. Soneira said: they are the most top screen, but OLED and LCD have different advantages disadvantages, these features are innate, so there is no one screen can win in all aspects." OLED has so many advantages, but iPhone 7 screen performance is very close, this is compelling. In addition to the advantages of Soneira said, OLED can also save electricity, because it just lit the need to light a single pixel on it, LCD different, it is necessary to use the backlight highlights the entire screen. How did apple do it? First look at the color. So far, only three smartphone manufacturers to support the new DCI-P3 wide gamut standard, this standard is used on 4K tv. In addition to apple, the other two companies are Samsung and LG,.相关的主题文章: