Inventory of people’s prosecutor God skills behind the anti-corruption work –

Inventory of "people’s prosecutor" God "skills" behind the anti-corruption work – Beijing by the second branch of the Beijing municipal procuratorate, Zhejiang Yongle Television Productions Ltd, Chinese procuratorial press jointly produced 33 TV sets "people’s prosecutor", since August 22nd, a prime time broadcast on CCTV, produced a strong response by widely praised. As a part of the anti-corruption drama, "people’s prosecutor" open the corrupt greed, cunning, secretive, the prosecutor handling the thrilling, arduous and tortuous story, the audience vividly reproduced the reality of procuratorial organs in anti-corruption and anti-corruption police officers life. In the show ending on the occasion, the reporter those things for you to take stock of the drama about anti-corruption. The performance of the anti-corruption work which hot in reality? "People’s Procuratorate" let me further understand the responsibilities and requirements of the procuratorial organs. Today, I want you to surrender, you take me to cooperate with investigators, officials sent money to speak clearly." In August 31st, suspected of bribery Wu to the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Wuzhong City procuratorate surrendered. Currently, the case is being processed in accordance with legal procedures. What is the realization of a TV drama anti-corruption education run silent effect? The reporter understands, "people’s prosecutor" from hundreds of typical cases, selection of punishing corruption case, the case of overseas pursuit and sense of the times, people’s attention is high, with typical cases of corruption, as a creative material and shooting focus, to meet people’s spiritual and cultural needs of the show the current anti-corruption work, focus, let the anti-corruption police officers image into public view. After eighteen big party, the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward to "tiger", "fly", anti-corruption efforts to further promote the breadth of hitherto unknown, and received unanimous response of the party and the people. The people’s Procuratorate is with such a punishment for corruption without forbidden area, full coverage, zero tolerance attitude and determination, reflected in the creation of anti-corruption TV content. The play not only about the procuratorial organs "tigers" typical cases, for example, between the Yandu City People’s Procuratorate investigation branch of the anti corruption bureau deputy secretary general Liu Haiyong, Yan Zhou municipal government SASAC director Feng Lu and Hang Seng Group Chairman Jin Mingshan collusion bribery cases; also tells the story of "fly corruption" typical cases, such as five the joint report of the original village villagers collective village director Sun Fu bribery case. In order to prevent and combat the masses especially agriculture related crimes, prosecutors from 2011 onwards has deployed and harm people’s livelihood Minli special malfeasance crime, the investigation and prevention of job-related crimes special work agriculture Huimin, investigating and preventing the occurrence of the masses around crimes that harm the interests of special work. This year, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate jointly with the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, deployed to carry out a period of 5 years to focus on remediation and strengthen the prevention of crimes in the field of poverty alleviation. "People’s prosecutor" drama about five of the village of the former village director Sun Fu bribery case, is a typical case of a large number of rural grassroots cadres of corruption and the reality of procuratorial organs. In addition, the drama show Yan City People’s Procuratorate branch)相关的主题文章: