Internal meetings continue, and Samsung is suffering the most serious

Samsung is suffering the most serious crisis during its internal meeting. "Fortune" magazine recently wrote that after the Note 7 explosion, the Samsung quickly and promptly recalled the cell phone. In order to reduce the damage to the reputation of the Samsung brand to its lowest point, the whole Korean giant has moved up and down. Over the past month, executives have been meeting internally, and employees have sacrificed their vacation. Samsung has set up a dedicated team to track the dynamics of social media all day, and see if there is any new explosion accident in Note 7. After more than a month of efforts, Samsung said most of the markets, including the United States and South Korea, have completed the Note 7 recall. But for Samsung, the trouble is far from over. Samsung mobile executives high Dongzhen is scorched by the flames had to lower the head to face the pressure, he apologized to the public. However, the house is double whammy, Samsung wants to eliminate the Note effect of explosion door 7 once again this Wednesday to burst, a new version of the Note 7 and the safety of the flight in the United States out of trouble, regulators may once again open investigation, Samsung even need to open the second round of the recall. In addition, as one of the most radical hedge funds in the world, Elliott Management is also pressing Samsung to split the company and pay 27 billion dollars to shareholders. Completely out of luck Note 7 officially released in August this year, the high Dongzhen had been to other colleagues to show off their luck. He early became the helm of the world’s largest mobile phone maker, and shortly after the entry, Samsung will reverse the decline, for two consecutive years of revenue and market share fell a record completely dead. However, the high Dongzhen luck ran out completely. The voice of Note 7 not only got all the airlines’ prohibitions, but also became the jokes of netizens all over the world. At the same time, Note 7’s shocking explosion also evaporated nearly $16 billion in the market value of Samsung. A Samsung insider who asked not to be named said that this is the most serious crisis that the company encountered. "It directly affects our products, brands and hard established consumer trust." At the time of the Reuters visit, Samsung said it now does not consider adjusting the management level. Its core task is to complete the recall of Note 7. Samsung insiders say that the company needs to quickly pull the sales of mobile phones back to the right track, so that the performance of the fourth quarter will not be too ugly. Samsung can also continue to consolidate its position in the market. "If Samsung does not solve the crisis quickly, it will be the biggest loser." Another insider, who did not want to be named, said. At the same time, he said that Samsung’s management didn’t blame each other for the Note 7 recalls, and they were still quite United. Last week, Note 7’s TV commercials were officially restored in Korea, and Samsung will also offer additional rewards to users who buy Note 7 in October. The time is urgent and the task is heavy, although Samsung’s recall attitude is good, but the outside world still believes that the company’s recall procedure has been a huge problem. After the US Consumer Protection Agency issued a warning for Note 7, Samsung just stammed a warning that the affected users immediately shut down their Note 7 phone. As a result, U.S. regulators have criticized Samsung for not being recalled in a reasonable process. In addition, the new machine is still a lot of problems, many users think that these machines are hot and fast. In China, Samsung is also referred to as a double standard in the recall, and after a number of accidents in Note 7, Samsung still claims that its own products use a safe battery. In Korea, the recall is slow, Note 7 re listing date has been delayed. Eric ·, President of brand strategy planner and Losangeles brand management consulting company, said Samsung must strive to win customer trust. "In the recall of the accident, Samsung must be transparent, actively invite user representatives to visit the factory, the person directly responsible for the accident and fire to give users due compensation and benefits." A number of people know that Samsung has set up a special public relations team for the matter, and the task of the team is to speed up the decision and stop it in time. A member of a public relations team said, "we have a faster and wider range of information sharing, so that we can respond to users faster." At the same time, he thinks it is really complicated to recall the recall at the same time in more than 10 countries around the world. Samsung employees say the event has become the only theme in Samsung’s internal meetings since the recall began in September 2nd. In order to finish the task as soon as possible, Samsung staff gave up the rest day, even in South Korea’s most important traditional festival, they could not be reunited with their families. High Dongzhen sleepless nights is a 55 year old Samsung veteran, after he is human resources and R & D department leaders. Samsung insiders said, after the promotion, brought a stream of high Dongzhen for the mobile sector, his new policy encouraged the company morale. At the Galaxy S7 conference in March this year, Takato Shinya confessed that he had spent countless sleepless nights to grind the product. 知情人士表示,三星在上半年取得佳绩后,高东真开始关注公司的长期稳定增长。 However, with the Note 7 a crack, all his efforts were in vain. It is reported that the Note 7 recall could eventually cause a huge loss of $5 billion for Samsung. In addition, the impact of the accident on the Samsung brand is more immeasurable. For Samsung, this is absolutely a helpless situation. They originally wanted to continue the brilliance of the first half of the year by Note 7, but eventually made an early start, missed the best selling window period. (compiled later)

内部会议不断,三星正遭受最严重危机《财富》杂志近日撰文称,Note 7爆炸起火事故发生后,三星快速及时的召回了这款手机。为了将该机对三星品牌声誉的伤害降到最低点,韩国巨头整个公司上上下下都动了起来。在过去的一个多月里,高管们内部会议不断,员工们也都牺牲了假期,三星更是建立了专门的团队来全天候追踪社交媒体的动态,了解Note 7是否又有新的爆炸事故发生。经过一个多月的努力,三星称包括美国和韩国市场在内的大部分市场都已经完成了Note 7召回。不过对于三星来说,这次的麻烦远没有结束。三星移动主管高东真更是焦头烂额,面对压力他不得不低下头向公众道歉。不过,屋漏偏逢连阴雨,三星想要一劳永逸消除Note 7爆炸门影响的努力本周三再次破灭了,一台换新后的安全版Note 7又在美国的航班上出了事,监管部门有可能再次开启调查,三星甚至需要开启第二轮的召回。除此之外,作为世界上最激进的对冲基金之一,Elliott Management也在不断向三星施压,要求该公司进行拆分,同时向股东派息270亿美元。运气彻底用完了Note 7今年8月正式发布前,高东真曾不断向其他同事炫耀自己的幸运。他早早的就成了世界最大手机制造商的掌舵人,而且自己入职后不久,三星便扭转了颓势,让连续两年营收和市场份额双双下滑的记录彻底作古。不过,这次高东真的运气彻底用完了。Note 7一声响,不但拿到了全球各家航空公司的禁令,还成了全世界网民的笑话,对于三星召回的批评更是不绝于耳。同时,Note 7的惊天一爆还让三星的市值蒸发掉了近160亿美元。一位不愿透露姓名的三星内部人士表示,这是公司遇到的最严重危机,“它直接影响了我们的产品、品牌以及辛苦建立起的消费者信赖。”在接受路透社访问时,三星表示现在并不考虑对管理层进行调整,它们的核心任务是完成Note 7的召回。三星内部人士表示公司需要快速将手机销售拉回正轨,这样一来第四财季的成绩才不会过于难看,三星也能继续稳固自己在市场上的王者之位。“如果三星不能快速解决这次危机,将成为最大输家。”另一位同样不愿透露姓名的三星内部人士说道。同时,他表示三星的管理层并没有因为Note 7的召回事故相互指责,他们依然相当团结。上周,Note 7的电视广告已经正式在韩国复播,同时三星还会对10月份购买Note 7的用户提供额外奖励。时间急,任务重虽然三星的召回态度还不错,但外界依然认为该公司的召回程序出现了巨大问题。在美国消费者保护机构发布了针对Note 7的警告后,三星才支支吾吾的警告受影响的用户立即关闭他们的Note 7手机。因此,美国监管部门批评三星没有按照合理的程序进行召回。此外,换新后的机器依然问题颇多,许多用户认为这些机器发热异常而且掉电快。在中国,三星更是被指在召回上玩双重标准,Note 7发生多次事故后,三星依然宣称自家产品使用了安全的电池。在韩国,由于召回缓慢,Note 7再次上市的日子也被一拖再拖。品牌战略规划师、洛杉矶品牌管理咨询公司董事长埃里克·施菲尔表示,三星必须极力争取顾客的信任。“在召回事故中,三星必须要保持透明,积极邀请用户代表到工厂参观,炒掉此次事故的直接责任人并给予用户应有的赔偿和优惠。”多位知情人士透露,三星为此事专门建立了公关团队,该团队的任务就是加快决策并及时止损。一位公关团队的成员表示:“我们在信息分享方面速度更快、范围更广,以便能更快回复用户的问题。”同时,他认为在全球十多个国家同时搞召回,确实很复杂。三星员工表示,自9月2日召回开始后,这一事件就成了三星内部会议的唯一主题。为了尽快完成任务,三星员工放弃了休息日,即使是韩国最重要的传统节日他们也无法与家人团聚。无数个不眠之夜现年55岁的高东真是三星元老级人物,此前他是人力资源与研发部门的一把手。三星内部人士称,获得晋升后,高东真为移动部门带来了一股清流,他的新政策鼓舞了公司的士气。在今年3月的Galaxy S7发布会上,高东真也坦言自己为了打磨这款产品曾度过了无数不眠之夜。知情人士表示,三星在上半年取得佳绩后,高东真开始关注公司的长期稳定增长。不过,随着Note 7的一声爆响,他的一切努力都白费了。据悉,Note 7的召回事故最终可能为三星造成50亿美元的巨额损失。此外,这次事故对三星品牌的影响更是不可估量。对于三星来说,这绝对是一个让人无奈的局面,它们原本想靠Note 7延续上半年的辉煌,但最终却起了个大早,赶了个晚集,错过了最好的销售窗口期。(编译 锐志)相关的主题文章: